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Introducing Bunker’s Grief Support Program

Introducing Bunker’s Grief Support Program

If you have ever lost someone close to you to death, then you are familiar with the severe pain that follows. Bunker Family Funeral Homes offer a unique answer to grief through the Bunker Grief Support Program. This program is of no cost to the public and is designed to help individuals and families through the often difficult healing process of grief, which unavoidably follows after losing a loved one.

I have learned through years of supporting others through the grief process that one of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another is to listen to each other’s stories. Through the Bunker Grief Support Program you will hear widows, widowers, children and friends share their stories of losing a child, a spouse, a parent, a loved one. Each situation of loss is different, but one common thread is that these stories are about real people who have experienced very real sorrow.

As the Grief Coach for Bunker Family Funeral Home, I do not claim to provide magic answers to sweep all pain and heartache away. However, I do see healing in action. I see people investing in themselves and learning how to cope with each day a little bit better. Bunker has made it a priority to offers workshops and support groups for children, youth and adults to help them through the grief process. It is amazing to see people from different backgrounds and beliefs come together and help each other to make the dark experience of grief and loss a little more hopeful.


Kasey Trimble

For more information on Grief Recovery Groups and Grief Workshops contact Bunker Family Funeral Homes at Kasey Trimble at ktrimble@bunkercares.com

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