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Our Cemetery – Gilbert Memorial Park

Gilbert Memorial Park

A final place for loved ones in Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert Memorial Park recently opened as the first cemetery in Gilbert, AZ. During a family’s most difficult moments, Gilbert Memorial Park’s staff works diligently to provide a healing and comforting atmosphere. Read below to learn more about Gilbert Memorial Park’s options and services.

At Gilbert Memorial Park, families can choose from a variety of memorialization options that provide their loved one with dignity and respect. Gilbert Memorial Park offers the most unique indoor and outdoor cremation options, traditional burial plots, and beautiful private family estates.

Cremation niches offer a permanent location for the cremated remains of our loved one. As a family grows and changes over time it is important to have a permanent resting place for the cremated remains of those we love. At Gilbert Memorial Park, the wide variety of cremation memorialization options provide a beautiful tribute to your loved one regardless of your preference or budget.

Gilbert Memorial Park also offers a variety of burial plot options on the location’s beautiful, manicured burial lawn. The burial lawn is a serene location that will help family and friends to seek comfort for years to come.

Another cemetery option at Gilbert Memorial Park is the private estates. A private estate is a dedicated, semi-secluded area with multiple burial plots. The private estate option functions as a designated burial place for a family, and it is Gilbert Memorial Park’s premium cemetery option.

For all memorialization options, family and friends of the deceased will have a location to cherish and remember their loved one forever. Gilbert Memorial Park’s beautiful grounds, sandstone benches, chalk walls, and flower cutting stations help provide a comforting place that is both beautiful and functional. Paved walkways throughout the grounds provide the perfect location to walk in the crisp evening air and remember the past. The sound of falling water from our multiple water features provide an environment of peace and reflection.

In addition to permanent memorials, Gilbert Memorial Park offers beautiful facilities to host funeral services, celebrations or life, catered meals, and to honor your loved one’s life. At Gilbert Memorial Park, the compassionate staff work to celebrate the unique characteristics and life of your loved one, and they work to help your family provide the perfect goodbye. Gilbert Memorial Park’s staff can customize a funeral service to meet your wishes for both religions and non-religious ceremonies. Our reception hall and chapel combined to accommodate over 250 guests.

To learn more about options at Gilbert Park Memorial, visit the Gilbert Park Memorial website here or call (480)935-5858.

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