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Amazing Tears of Grief

Amazing Tears of Grief

The price that you and I pay for loving someone often shows in the form of tears. If we never had loved so deeply, there would assuredly be an absence of grief and tears.

Tears are one way that the soul finds expression for pain and heartache. As humans we cry for various reasons. You’ll often find wet eyes when someone is happy, feels pain, laughs hard, feels sad, is elated, scared, or overwhelmed. Onions, sunscreen and the changing seasons can also make us shed a few salty tears. When we lose someone dear to us, tears can help with the healing process and can be therapeutic in expressing the sorrow felt in the soul.

Interestingly, researchers claim that under a microscope, tears of grief look very different from tears caused by other reasons. The results tell us that the tears from grief uniquely contain toxins expelled from the body that the tears from onions, or others sources, do not contain. The conclusion is simple; tears of grief help us to rid our body of toxins associated with heartache.

The next time you lose tears, take courage; your body is undergoing a cleansing process.  The tears we lose from grief are simply the manifestation of a deep love and a sorrowful loss which is the body’s amazing way of cleansing itself.

By Kasey Trimble, Certified Grief Coach

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