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Grief Help and Funeral Planning Information

End-of-Life Planning: Are You Prepared?

While you know it’s important to start planning ahead for the many end-of-life decisions you need to make, and may even have already prepared a written will or pre-planned your memorial service, there may still be some things you have overlooked when making your end-of-life preparations. When the end is drawing near (or better yet, […]

Honoring Islamic Funeral and Burial Traditions

Grieving from the loss of a loved one is never simple – we all mourn in our own personal way. This experience can become even more complicated if you aren’t familiar with Islamic funeral traditions and Muslim burial practices. Everyone wants to be respectful of the deceased and their family, but respect looks very different […]

Honoring Catholic Funeral and Burial Traditions

Catholic funerals are steeped in tradition and ritual. This is no surprise, considering there are hundreds of years of tradition and ceremony to build upon. Catholic funeral services are a way to honor and respect the dead, saying goodbye to them and entrusting them in God’s hands. There are a lot of specifics and planning […]

A Guide to Funerals and Memorial Services Honoring the Nonreligious

Not everyone has a religious affiliation. In fact, around 23 percent of people in the United States currently define themselves as nonreligious. Some names used to define someone with a nonreligious outlook include: Humanist Atheist Freethinker Secularist No matter what name you use, when a nonreligious person passes away, loved ones still need to grieve […]

Funeral Flower Etiquette: When, Where, What to Send

When a friend or loved one passes, words often fail to alleviate the grief of the deceased’s family. It’s an emotional time for both family and friends, which is why it’s important that the proper funeral etiquette be observed to help avoid upsetting or offending anyone. It might not seem important, but there are special […]

Pre-planning Your Own Funeral Makes it Simple and Less Stressful for Loved Ones

It’s not something most people like to think about, but one day your loved ones will be attending your funeral. Planning for your funeral in advance may be the last act of service you can provide your grieving family. Because of the stress that comes with last-minute funeral arrangements, funeral pre-planning is becoming as common […]

2014 Customer Service Award!

We’re extremely proud to have earned the 2014 Excellence in Customer Service Award from the Johnson Consulting Group at both our Garden Chapel and University Chapel locations. The Johnson Consulting Group is a nationally acclaimed funeral home consulting firm that developed and implemented the first of its kind JCG Performance Tracker™ to measure a family’s level of satisfaction […]

Thank You, Veterans!

We had a great time at our first Breakfast For a HERO event. We want to thank all those who donated of their time, talents, and resources to help us honor the great men and women who serve our country. The performances by Desert Song Community Choir, C’est La Vie, Kariann Hibbard, Michele Bear, Triple […]

Breakfast for a HERO

This Saturday, November 8, we will be honoring the great men and women who have faithfully served our country. All Veterans, and their families are invited to join us for free breakfast and entertainment. Several local choirs, music groups, solo artists, and dance groups will be performing. The event will be held at our Garden […]

PrePlan & Pizza – October 1st & 2nd

Join us for our PrePlan & Pizza event October 1st or 2nd! Come learn from our Advance Planning Specialists on the numerous benefits of making arrangements in advance. Relieving your family of the expenses of the funeral, recording your wishes to prevent future family disagreements, and locking in cost at today’s prices are just a few […]

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