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Theresa Ann Cantalice

03/16/1962 - 07/31/2020

Theresa Ann Cantalice passed away July 31, 2020 at Banner Desert Hospital in Mesa, AZ.

Born March 16, 1962 in Trenton, New Jersey, she was the daughter of Judith Grace Driscoll and Anthony Felix Cantalice.

Teri attended St. Anthony High School in 1980 in Hamilton, New Jersey. In 1993, she, her partner Ed, and her children moved to Chandler Arizona where she obtained a position working with America West Airlines (currently American Airlines) as a Travel Agency Auditor. She was a dedicated employee having served over 25 years until the time of her death. She enjoyed travelling, spending time with her children and endlessly doting on her grandson, Bodhi.

Teri will be remembered for her high energy, generosity, tenacity, positivity and selflessness. Her family and friends could always rely on her and no one questioned her loyalty to them.

She is survived by her daughter Dana Hammerl and husband Daniel, son Edward Sportelli; grandson Bodhi Hammerl; Mother Judith Madli, Father Anthony Cantalice; Stepmother Irene Cantalice. She is also survived by her brothers, Anthony Cantalice and Mark Madli, sister Nicole Cantalice along with loving nieces and nephews.


  • She was so loving and had the most beautiful smile. Loved her family especially that beautiful grandson. ❤️

  • Merecis “Mercy” Diaz

    Terri will always remember your infectious laughter ❤️ Rest In Peace ?

  • Sharon (Egeland) Gilbert

    Sending my very deepest sympathy to Dana and Eddie. I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved mother. I am a very long time friend of your grandmother, Judy. We grew up living right next to each other on Fair Haven Road and have remained friends ever since. Sending you both my prayers and the warmest of hugs!

  • Linda Witkowski

    You were taken from us too soon. You will be missed. My condolences to your family

  • Mary Ann Michulsky

    My condolences to Dana, Eddie and your entire family. I loved working with Teri at American Airlines-she was a professional and knowledgeable team member and and awesome person to know. She will be greatly missed! ❤️

  • Darlene Liedtka Jones

    Our deepest condolences to the Cantalice and families of Terry. We are so sorry for your loss. Gone too soon! May you rest in heavenly peace.

  • My deepest sympathy to your family. Terri and I worked together at the Superior Court. She was a happy fun loving woman. So sad to hear of her passing. RIP.

  • To Teri’s Family. Teri Has Touch Everyone’s Around Her With Her Love , Kindness, And Her Laughter.And I Was Blessed Feeling Her Love , Kindness, And Laughter For 36 Years as her Husband , And As Her Life Long Partner. And Father To Our Son Who Thought Of Her As American Best MOM She Will Be In Ours Hearts Always & Forever.There’s An Emptiness In Me I Can Never Fill. Please See Photos Of Just A few Great Moments We Meant To Each Other.
    Especially Her having A Shirley Temple Hair Day She’s Just Adorable.

  • My prayers and thoughts for Teri’s family. I loved her smile and laugh, such a wonderful person. Teri will be missed until we meet again. Rest In Peace

  • I have known Ed & Terry as a insperable pair for 20 years, So it is sad to see them go on at this juncture without each other for the first time in so many years. I know Terry will alway’s be in Ed’s heart but I pray for both of them to find the happiness they once captured together.

  • Thank you Tom for your kind and thoughtful words

  • Robert & Lesly Hill

    Our deepest condolences to Eddie, Dana, Ed and the whole family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. Taken way to soon in this life. We will miss her.

  • To my Grandson Eddie And Dana And your Family Especially My Son Edward For children to lose their mother so early in life is tragic You will be in my thoughts and prayers Your mom was so good to me.
    To my Son Edward Me and Terri Talked all the time
    She loved you so much and how she knew that you would move heaven and earth for her and will always
    be there for her Terri was my daughter in many ways and a woman who A mother prays For their son to have in his life Just remember my son Your love for each other will always be there forever

  • Sportelli Family

    Our condolences on the passing of Teri
    May she Rest In Peace.

    To my brother-in-law Ed,
    I pray you find the strength in the days and nights ahead that you’re need.

    Take comfort in knowing Teri had said to me,
    “I’ll spend the rest of my life with Ed”
    And she did. God Blessed her.

    May God Bless and comfort you.

  • Robert and Lesly Hill

    Our deepest condolences to Eddie, Dana, Ed and the whole family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. Taken too soon in this life. We will miss her.

  • I have known Terry, her husband Eddie, and their children almost my entire life. Terry was a beautiful person and full of life, she will missed greatly. Our deepest condolences and sending all the love and prayer to the Sportelli family. We love you all.

    The Gibbs Family

  • Thank You Robert & Lesly For Your Prayer It means A lot To Us God Bless to you and your Family

  • Thank You Amber & Butch & Family For your Prayer and When I needed someone
    PS Amber Thanks for the PB&J

  • Thank You Brother In Law For telling me those comforting words Because our song was Always & Forever and in my Heart We will be Always & Forever

  • Thank you mom Terri Love you very very much and especially how you made her laugh and mom I want you to know how much I love you for making terri feel she is and will always be a big part of our family . Love you Mom

  • Rachel Santana (Sportelli)

    Our heart goes out to our Uncle Eddie, our cousins Dana and Eddie and to everyone who loved my Aunt Teri. We wish we could be there to comfort you all oduring this time but know that we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love The Santana Family

  • Big Hugs To my Niece Rachel and Her Family For your thoughts and Prayers

  • Nicole Cantalice

    To my beautiful sister, I never imagined having to live without you. You were my best friend and my loving sister. You did everything for everyone and always selfless with what more you could do. I miss you so much it hurts so bad. But knowing God called you to be one of his angels brings me peace. I have felt selfish trying to understand, but I will see you again when it’s time for me to come home. I will always watch over Eddy and Dana.. & of course your Bodhi. We are family and I will do whatever I can to keep our family close and keep your legacy here with us. We had the best times and am so grateful I had you as my sis.. we will dance again to Earth wind & fire and Gaga!! Love you sis!!

  • How blessed we all are to have known someone so hard to let go of. God Bless the family of such a wonderful, one of a kind woman! ❤️

  • Edward Sportelli

    God Bless you Robin and Your Family For them Kind And Very True Words I spent a lifetime with Terri and I found her to be more Wonderful And Kind each day Edward Sportelli

  • Merry Xmas Honey
    Well my life now with out you is so empty I cry in the morning and I cry at night and during the well let just say I want to call you or waiting for you to call me about your day then I realize you passed and the next day I hope to call you or you call me to tell me about your day I just keep hoping it will happen I really miss you Honey

  • Penny Catanzariti

    I was so sorry to read of Teri’s death. I have not seen her she was a little girl and would visit her grandparents (my Rose and Uncle Vince) in Rumson, New Jersey. She was the bright star of their lives.

  • Edward Sportelli

    Thank you Penny Catanzariti for your kind Words and a memory of her love for her Nana and Pop pop

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Mother’s Day Sweetheart
    The Best Mom Ever

  • Happy new year sweetheart I miss you ——-this much ——— Bodhi is getting so big and smart I’m looking out for him like I promised I love you so much

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy New Year honey I miss you so so much I think of you every day and Precious Bodhi is getting so big and smart We all Love you I will see you in my Dreams

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi honey How are you I miss you so much everybody misses you so much but I miss you this much So much I think about you do you think bad things and they all make me cry sometimes happy cry and sometimes a
    sad cry I still don’t understand why they took you so soon from us especially from Bodhi Just remember there are Nonna’s toes I love you good night
    sweetheart Always and forever yours

  • Hi honey just woke up I was dreaming of you every time I close my eyes it’s you on my mind I love you and missing you so much so want to hold you so much ??

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Valentines Terri
    Honey I miss you so much ———-This Much———-
    And I Know Bodhi miss You more terr life without you is so empty I wake up to a day and I say where are you then I realize Your gone and it hurts all over again I Love ❤️ you sweetheart Happy Valentines

  • Happy Anniversary Honey I Miss you ————-?This ?—————–Much I Love ❤️ You So much

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Birthday,Honey I wish you feel how much I miss you right now. I wish more than anything that we could be together again to celebrate your day. But I know we will again one day. It’s your birthday, but it doesn’t feel like it without you here. It doesn’t matter; I’m going to celebrate it like you are here because I know that’s what you would have wanted. I love and miss you so much.”I know you’re in Heaven and that your birthday there must be way better than any party I could have thrown for you here. And maybe I’m being selfish when I say that I wish you were still here anyway. Everyone said that this day would get easier every year that went by. But quite the opposite has happened. I Miss you More Happy birthday, Honey I love you and miss you ——————————– this much . Ed

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi, honey I just wanted to write you I miss you how are you how’s my mom I hope you and her are laughing as usual Eddie is doing OK, he’s he’s Eddie You know he’s his mother son he cleans like you did so it brings back some good memories I love you I miss you bye

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Easter Honey, I LOVE YOU
    The Easter Bunny Pay a Visit to Bodhi from his Guardian Angel

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Mother Day Sweetheart I Love You and Miss you So Much

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi Honey, how are you I miss you and i know Bodhi Missing you very much I’m trying to give him everything you would have given him in other word SPOIL HIM I tell dana to say just dream of Nonna and she Will see You like I do I know it’s been almost 2 years, but it feels like a Lifetime without you I keep waiting for you to come waking thru the door and then I realize your gone and start crying again I LOVE YOU

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi honey happy anniversary when we first met remember Kurt’s party remember he invited you, but you and I ended up dating and that’s when I met Dana, she was five or six months old I love you and miss you.


  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy 4th of July Honey I Love You.
    “We All Miss you So Much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi, honey I Miss You Very Much Well Bodhi Is going to be Darth Vader and his dog is going as R2 D2 for Halloween this year I will post a picture ok he is so Handson and getting so big he misses you very very much
    along with Eddie, Dana & Dan, we love you By By

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Thanksgiving Honey, I Miss you So Much I Can’t Still Believe your gone Say Hi to Mom and tell her I love
    Very Much I love You, Ed

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi Honey
    This Time of the year I can’t stop thinking about you. Every time I think about you, my heart cries for you. I miss you so much. Me

  • Hi honey, merry Christmas Eve I hope you’re doing good. I miss you so much but it’s getting so big you’d be so proud of him. He loves you so much say hi to my mom for me and I’ll talk it. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Christmas Sunday. Alibaba, you David love you we all love you honey miss you bye-bye

  • Hi honey, merry Christmas Eve I hope you’re doing good. I miss you so much but it’s getting so big you’d be so proud of him. He loves you so much say hi to my mom for me and it. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Christmas Sunday. Eddie and Dana love you we all love you honey miss you bye-bye

  • terri

    Hi honey, merry Christmas . I miss you so much Bodhi’s is getting so big. He loves you so much Eddie and Dana love you we all love you and miss you bye-bye I love you ❤️?

  • Hi Honey, well it’s my Birthday and another year growing old without the most beautiful women with me I know were in each other’s Hearts, but I want more I’m sorry Your life was cut too short and being the Very Best Nonna Ever It’s Not Fair I love You Always and Forever

  • Hi HAPPY NEW YEAR Sweetheart well another year gone by, and Everything reminds me of you and makes me feel Sad and empty inside I catch myself Laughing and crying You are never out of my heart or thoughts
    I Miss You and Love you So Much Its Hurts but I am the luckiest person in the world because I have You
    to love and share each other life Happy New Year I Love You

  • Edward Sportelli


  • FEBRUARY, 22 2023

    Honey Happy Anniversary, 37 Years Ago
    We took our vows together Said, “Till death do us part”,But when God came and took your hand
    My whole world fell apart. No one knows the heartache I try so hard to hide, Only God knows how many times I’ve broken down and cried. When I look back upon our lifes One of the things that makes me glad, That you chose me to share with you, The precious years we had

    Love You Always And Forever


  • Edward Sportelli

    I am missing you a lot, even though your presence is no more with us. I think about you every moment and a single day and each lonely night. I miss you and your cute smile, your laugh as well your sense of humor, and mostly the way you used to make me feel so loved and happy I know heaven is better for having an angel as good and kind as you, and I have met an Angel when I fell in love with you and so bless to share your life You were always an Angel to me I LOVE YOU Happy birthday Sweet Heart And Happy Saint PATTY DAY

    3/16/2023 ED

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Easter Sweetheart Bodhi will be so Happy today Because he will be Receiving From Heaven With So Much Love Nonna’s Easter Gift He rather be with you so much as we all want to have you here sharing today and every day but remember your in our hearts every day to Heaven’s Greatest Nonna ,Mother, Daughter, Friend ,And Wife in the world Happy Easter Honey

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi Sweetheart, Your life Is a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Happy Mother’s Day in heaven.
    I Love You With All My Heart And Miss You More Every Year

  • Eddie Sportelli

    A Mother is the one who can take the place of all others .But whose place no one else can take

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Anniversary Honey
    this day @ Kurt Tusch birthday party 7/03/1984 39 Years Ago We met ,He invited you and You Left With Me I fell HEAD OVER HEEL in love with you The Best Day Of My Life I Miss And Love You ————This Much ————-

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy 4th Of July SweetHeart I Miss you I Love You, Thinking Of You All The Time I Still Can’t Believe Your Gone I keep Hoping I Wake Up and it was only a Bad Dream, I Love You Terri Always & Forever

  • Hi Honey 
    3 years ago   you   pass   and I was   told it will take time and   I’m still   missing you   and   guilty I couldn’t do anything   to help you. . Sure Doctor and Everyone said there was nothing I could’ve done   But they weren’t there   and seeing you lying there I was prying to god please help her   I’m   so   Sorry   I thought we grow old together and  
    take care of each other I miss you   and Don’t understand why God took you from me   and to take The Greatest NONNA 
    From Bodhi   Lord You had to See that   so Why 

  • Hi Honey how are you boy we had a big big storm last nite I thought you were letting me know to clean up LOL
    I miss you but mostly I feel so Empty without you ,And Your Grandson Your be so proud Dana Said he is Learning to Read a little struggle but he got his letters and numbers down WOO WOO. I suggested make reading fun and before you know it he might be the New speaker in the White House. Well we got a storm last night We lost power from 11- 4:30 or so it got so bad we couldn’t even see across the street But it felt cool and breezy afterwards . Honey Say hi to my mom and sister and brothers I LOVE YOU And Miss You So Much Hugs and Kisses

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Halloween 2023 Honey well Your Precious Boy is going as Spiderman and he looks Adorable Dana said he is wearing it already. Dana said they’re getting their money out of it LOL . We All Miss You But Most Of All Bodhi Misses His Nonna So here’s a Hug from Your Little SpiderMan Web Of Love Around His Nonna. I will Post a Picture Of Spiderman on Your Site Honey I Love You and Miss you So Much .
    I Love You This !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUCH
    Always & Forever Ed

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi honey well Dan & Dana asked Eddie to Watch Bodhi this Friday 11/3/23 and Bodhi is so Excited he keeps Saying Friday Uncle Eddie is Coming over Dana said It’s so cute .

  • Honey with you not here Thanksgiving feels like a painful reminder of your loss. so
    I light a candle in memory of our Love today for Thanksgiving for You for Always and Forever you will be in my Heart and shall never be forgotten . And until we’re together again in heaven when I feel your arms around me there will always feel an emptiness in me that only you can fill .
    Happy Thanksgiving Terri, Love Ed

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi Honey ,I got to see Bodhi’s T-Ball Game today oh you be so proud of your precious boy he a regular athlete he didn’t know I was there ,but all I could do is think of you should have be there and I got upset ,you are the best Nonna ever and its not Fair , and I was cheated out of taking care of you in our old Age I hope some day I will know and understand why god did this to us I Love you so much. I miss you so much and we will be together again and feel your arms around me . Love You Sweetheart

  • Edward Sportelli

    Merry Christmas Sweetheart Our 3rd Xmas Apart and Im so empty inside ,You Were Xmas For Me and ,the Kids and Your Precious Bodhi who I Know Missing You This —————————Much
    Sometimes Well A lot of Times Im Expecting you too walk in the door ,and you were out just having fun but I realize your not coming back and I start crying and missing you all over again I will never understand and Accept your gone I love you and miss you so much and the kids and Bodhi miss and love you too . I always knew you were a Angel My Angel Merry Xmas Sweetheart

    Always & Forever

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi Honey Happy New Year Eve & Happy Birthday To Me ,Every Year I watch the Birthday You and Eddie gave me on 2019 it was the last one before you passed I watch it over and over just to hear your voice I miss your voice so much and you gave me a birthday cake . well Im going over to Tom’s and Zuffia for lunch they been doing every year since you Passed so I’m not alone its real nice of them ,Then Butch Is baking me a birthday cake and I will Still be Missing you without you its nothing special because sharing it with you makes it special like every day with you I feel so complete ,now I’m so empty .Well That’s enough crying .I Love You Sweetheart .Miss You This ——————————————————————————-Much

  • Edward Sportelli

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 SWEETHEART I MISS YOU THIS_______________________________________MUCH

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi Honey I wanted to let you know there is a commercial with Susan Lucci and how you always said that she will look good no matter what her age is And the first thing came to me That I always said back to you You will look even better no matter what age you get and you on my arm I’ll Be the Envy To all the guys . I Love You

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Valentines Sweet Heart I Love You And Miss You. Bodhi is Getting So So Big
    For the little Time Being His Nonna You loved Precious Bodhi More Then Any Nonna, Nanny, Gran Ma Ma Ever Loved And he will Always Have That in His Heart Your His Nonna And Guardian Angel

    Always And Forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Edward Sportelli

    “The best thing That Happen In My life is You”
    Even after 38 years, my love for you grows more, And I Will always remember this Day Feb 22 1986 You Said. Yes Happy Anniversary Sweetheart , Always And Forever And Ever , Ed

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Birthday SweetHeart I Bet You Look Great As Ever, I Always Said You Got Pretty Feet And Look Good In The Morning. Well Bodhi He is Getting So Big and Hansom. And To Let you Know The Tickets
    For the Lego Event You Gave Him As His Birthday Gift Dana Said It Was So Fun He Has A Great Time Him And A Friend With The Xtra Ticket You Thought Of Great Ideal Honey, I Hope You Like The Flowers I Got You You Always Look Beautiful In Red, Remember The Red Floppy Hat You Were Wearing When We First Met. God Honey It Seem Like Just The Other Day I Miss You So Much Not a
    Day Goes By That I wish You Were Here Even Yelling At Me, Or Just Cleaning In One Of Your Cleaning Mood By The Way Im Trying To Keep That Going For You. LOL Honey. I Love You This Much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Me

  • Happy Easter SweetHeart , Honey Its a Rainning Easter this year well you know that say Happy Easter to my mom and Everyone I Miss you and Love you with all my Heart❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Me

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Mother’s Day Sweetheart and Happy Nona Day also honey The kids miss you so much and I Miss you This ——————————————————-Much and Bodhi Well He Missing you
    This ————————————————————————————————————Much
    Alway Think of You Sweetheart Love Me Always & Forever

  • Edward Sportelli

    Hi, Sweetheart today your precious Bodhi Graduate kindergarten I know you are so proud of him I am too honey I be putting some pictures up as soon as Dana Send me them He knows his Guardian Angel will be there like always looking over him with all the love. He missing you so much we all do honey and love you with all of our hearts

  • Hi honey ,I Had a Strong Feeling Too clicked on your site and wanted to tell you I LOVE YOU ❤️

  • Edward Sportelli

    Happy Anniversary Honey
    Remember 41 years ago July 3,1983 We met at Kurt Tusch Birthday party Dana was only 6 months old ,WOW It was Love at First Site for me and I stole you from kurt , the best day of my life and if god would give me another chance I would do it all over again but love you even more Sweetheart Always & Forever ❤️ ❤️. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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