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Stephen “Luke” Knight

12/31/2002 - 02/08/2020
Service Date: 02/21/2020
Service Time: 11:00 AM
Service Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 19781 E. Ocotillo Rd., Queen Creek, Arizona 85142
Visitation Date: 02/21/2020
Visitation Time: 9:00 AM
Visitation Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 19781 E. Ocotillo Rd., Queen Creek, Arizona 85142
Interment: San Tan Memorial Gardens, 22425 E. Cloud Rd., Queen Creek, Arizona 85142

Stephen “Luke” Knight passed away after a tragic car accident leaving school on February 7, 2020 in Gilbert, Arizona.  Luke was born on December 31, 2002 in Ogden, Utah.  It is only fitting that he would come to earth on the biggest party night of the year, New Year’s Eve!  Though his life was cut much too short, he lived more in his seventeen years than most of us do in a lifetime. To Luke, life was an amazing adventure, meant to be explored and enjoyed.

We knew from the very beginning that Luke would have an unbreakable bond with his older brother Kohl, who was two years older.  Even as a baby, Luke went to Kohl in laughter and in tears, reaching out for his toddler brother to hold him, or play with him.  The two brothers were quite different with Kohl being a bit more reserved in their surroundings, and Luke eager to try anything.

When Luke was two years old, he moved with his mother and brother to Queen Creek, Arizona, where he lived the remainder of his life.  In his early years, he loved music, which became a life-long pleasure.  He sang and danced to the top of his lungs.  He listened to music whenever possible. If he wasn’t listening to music, or singing, he was softly humming.  In fact, there was rarely a time when Luke wasn’t humming to himself.  He also delighted in dressing up in costumes; transforming from one character to another, from one hour to the next.  His treasure was an old trunk, stuffed full of Super Hero, Cowboy, and Pirate costumes.  To his loved ones, Luke without costume, will always be remembered as our “Pooky Bear”.  As he grew older, his “costumes” became his trendy “fits”.  His sense of style frequently starting the latest fad.

When it comes to interests, the list is never ending. Luke enjoyed drawing, photography, baseball, football, snowboarding, wake boarding, frisbee throwing, and skateboarding, just to name a few.  He tried to master whatever, and wherever his anxious mind led him.  Luke’s tenacity was unequaled.  He researched and practiced over and over again to the point of being accomplished in many areas.  What would appear to be an exhausting amount of physical exertion to some, was pure joy to Lukey.  When he reached his goals, he shared his abilities and knowledge with his younger brothers.  They too, have become capable participants far beyond their years.

Luke loved animals as a little boy, so much so that he couldn’t bear that even a creature as small as a caterpillar should suffer.  He attempted and succeeded in saving the lives of many tiny critters including birds, lizards, and a caterpillar he named Carl.  In choosing the animal love of his life, it would probably be the horse.  He truly was born with a deep reverence for the majesty of horses.  He collected horse figurines, and cowboy clothes.  His room was cowboy this, and horse that, in every nook and cranny, and on every wall.  He learned how to ride, and how to care for a horse.  As he grew older, and his interests evolved, there was no time to ride.  As it turned out, it was a good thing that he never owned a horse.   

Another hobby which Luke acquired was photography.  Although he became quite a proficient photographer, taking baptism, wedding, and family photos, his best work was that of nature and the outdoors.  Those photos were captured to document his adventures, and to express his deep appreciation for God’s beautiful earth.  Ironically, Luke made a video not too long ago entitled “My Life.”

Luke started his education at Benjamin Franklin and was finishing his high school years at Higley HS, where he was currently a Junior.  But his bright personality and joyful spirit were felt far beyond the school walls. It is evident that he influenced many lives for good.  He was never happy being alone.  Luke’s greatest passion was people, and he never held back his affection and feeling for everyone.  Luke Knight never met a stranger.  He connected with others young and old.  He readily forgave and never judged. He loved to express his thoughts and feelings.  You always knew what was on his mind. The Lord must need his special gifts desperately on the other side.

As Luke grew older, he discovered his desire to become an island boy.  He loved the ocean, and anything to do with surfing or wakeboarding.  He yearned for the sun on his face, wind in his blonde hair, and sand between his toes.  He wanted to travel the world in one grand adventure after another, with his friends at his side.  He had big plans to fulfill his goals and dreams; we know he would have accomplished whatever he chose.

Luke continued to give until the end.  He donated his young, healthy organs, to save the lives of five, giving several organs to a few, who would have otherwise not survived. 

Luke lived life to the fullest, not wanting to miss a single minute.  He was at the center of all holidays, special occasions, and family gatherings.  There was never a dull moment when he was included.  For his family and friends, life will never be the same.  He will be deeply and sorely missed.  His loved ones find solace in knowing that in eternity, they will hold him in their arms once again.  Luke leaves behind his loving parents, Jaime and Jeremy Prahl, and four adoring brothers, Kohl 19, Tate 10, Cade 8 and Kash 6.  He also leaves his great grandmothers Leah Crossgrove and Cherrill Knight; his grandparents, Stephen and Niki Naylor, Kevin and Sydney Knight, and Gary and Peggy Prahl, along with many close aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family members, and dear friends.  We will cherish our memories of you forever, Luke!  We love you!  

A visitation will be held from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Friday, February 21st with the Funeral Service at 11:00 AM at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 19781 E. Ocotillo Rd, Queen Creek, Arizona.


  • I am so sorry for your Loss of such a Wonderful Son! I remember him as a little boy, I pray you will find Peace and Comfort Knowing he is with Jesus.

  • Sorry for your loss luke is such a great kid and will miss him

  • Perfectly written. So thoughtful, tender and loving. Thank you for sharing your feelings and love for Luke with us Jaime and Jeremy. As parents you gave Luke the confidence, stability, and opportunity to be who he was. You are the reason he was full of fun! You have such a legacy of love already in this life. It hurts so much to see the sorrow and loss you’re experiencing now. Feeling thankful to have all of you in my life.

  • I Love you Luke. I will miss you terribly. You are a beautiful person on the inside and outside that touched so many. May you Rest In Peace. Love Uncle Lynn

  • So sorry for your loss Elder Prahl, our prayers are with you and your family.

  • What a beautiful tribute to an amazing young man! Your family has constantly been in our thoughts and prayers. We love you, Prahl Family!

  • He was such an amazing kid!! I absolutely adore your family and just reading this makes me cry. I will always remember hanging with your sweet kids. That boy will be watching down on you all until you see each other again! Prayers for you these next couple of days. Love you lots!

  • My heart is aching for your loss. I cant imagine what you are feeling. What a grand reunion it will be some day when he can tell you all about his heavenly mission. Sending love and prayers across the miles.

  • Luke was a wonderful peacemaker, conversation starter, and the happiest guy. He always kept me laughing or feeling good about myself. He encouraged others everywhere. I will miss him forever. I am praying for you and your family.

  • To know Luke was truly to love him! Such a well written obituary! I had completely forgotten about the costume bin in the playroom, and how excited he was to show it off the first time I babysat the Knight boys, I also remember whenever I’d babysit we’d watch Ninja Turtles or the Karate Kid and how excited he’d get over certain parts and that his older brother would get upset over bed time or missing Jamie and Luke was the calm one offering support. He was a little jokester too and always a smile on his face. He shined from the inside out! But how amazing to truly know how far reaching his impact is and how hundreds of people mourning for a truly amazing young man! I feel honored to have known him, and wish to offer my deepest condolences to his whole family. I know Luke is ok where he is, better than ok even, we are all lucky to have him looking out for us, but I will miss seeing him in social media posts and occasionally around town, and can’t imagine how a family deals with something like this, but his family have shown grace and love and I am in awe of it. You will be missed Lukey.

  • My sweet Luke I will miss you so much. Your infectious smile and love for life. Although you grew to be such a handsome wonderful young man I will forever miss the mischievous five year old that I first grew to know and love. I will strive to watch out for your wonderful family who will always miss you every day that they spend here on earth without you. I already admire the faith and quiet courage they have shown throughout this trial.

  • Stephanie Gessler

    My heart is breaking for you. What an amazing tribute to Luke. We love you and are praying for you.

  • Ethan Cunningham

    i am broken, and at a loss of words. luke knight was one of my greatest friends. he was one of the most outgoing people i’ve ever met. his friendly, fun, and lively persona was infectious, and rivaled many. he brought so much light and joy to this world, and he carried himself high. luke will live on through his family and through his so many friends. my heart is full, and i know that god lives. i know he has a plan for all of us. he has a plan for luke. the memories i’ve had the pleasure of making with him over the past four years are seared into my brain. life is fragile. luke is in a better place and i know he’s exactly where god needs him to be. rest easy my friend, i’ll see you soon brother. i love you luca.

  • Luke was one of my “babies.” He was so fun to babysit because he always made me laugh and lit up the room with his mischievous little smile. One of my favorite memories is when he declared that I made the “best mac and cheese” ever (the secret is to follow the directions on the box). I am so grateful for the time I spent with Luke and Kohl and all of his cousins. To my other “babies” I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend and cousin. Jaime and Jeremy you are wonderful parents and you should be so proud of the boys you have raised. I’m so sorry that you have had to say goodbye to Luke for now, but he will be using his mischievous little smile and Christlike love to do wonders. My love and condolences to your entire family.

  • I am so sorry for you loss. Although I did not know Luke it sounds like he was an amazing young man, Sending prayers.

  • Although I haven’t seen Luke in a very long time he was the cutest little boy and I have so many fun memories with him in Arizona! You will be missed Luke! I can just remember hearing his little voice saying “I’m the awesome Stephen Luke Knight!!”

  • Luke was and always will be a light to our world. He showed so much love and respect for our family. We love how his life will never be forgotten. Our daughters will never be the same and never forget today. It’s with a humble & broken heart I thank his family for their sacrifice of Luke’s life, through his death so much light and life have been given. Thank you for sharing your son.

  • Luke was one of my bestest guy friends. He was so different from other kids and always made me feel so good about myself. I will miss him everyday so bad but I know he is so happy right now and feels all our love❤️

  • What an amazing young man, Luke is. My heart is with your families. We love you ❤️

  • Beautiful tribute to an amazing young man. My sincerest thoughts of love and prayers are with Jaime and all the family. May the Lord bless you with great strength and great faith that will carry you through until you are reunited again. So grateful that families are forever.❤️❤️❤️

  • My sincerest condolences to your family. My heart just aches. I remember having Kohl and Luke in my class and still can see their beautiful smiling faces. I’m praying for comfort and peace for your family.

  • I will miss Luke coming in our door and hugging all of us then saying I love you all and he would call us his 2nd family. We love and miss you Luke!

  • I miss him like crazy. i love you luke knight. he was one of the first friend i ever made in highschool which is such a special memory for me.

  • luke. you were a great person, you made me laugh 24/7. i have been thinking alot lately about you considering today is your one year ! i love you and miss you like crazy<3

  • Harold sims- 602 206 0937

    Your son was a very brief part of my life, yet anytime I think of someone I’ve lost who made a dramatic impact on my life he is the first to come to mind. He and I shared a marketing class together in which I thought he was overly loud and inconsiderate. Not only could I had been more wrong, but I didn’t even have a remote idea of who he truly was. The more I watched from afar, the more I listened to his conversations, and the more I felt his energy, I began to resonate with his soul. I slowly began to love his spirit and how his jokes lit smiles upon the faces of those in his surroundings, including myself. When I felt down or uneasy your son brought me a sense of peace and tranquillity. I can’t say luke ever gained anything useful from me going into the beautiful place for those pure of heart, so for that I deeply apologize. I wish there was a way I could have became closer with your son, I wish me and him could have finished that game of monopoly we planned on “finagling” for a win the coming Monday. He had so many great friends that share so many memories with him and left him with a full heart, and all I have is the six month period in which your son gave me so much to where I left him with almost nothing. I feel so guilty that I couldn’t be someone who made a memorable impact on his life, yet he imparted with me a plethora of life changing perspectives that mad me view the world in different lenses. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do anything to thank him for the intangibles that he has left me with, forgive me. One day I would like to see Luke again, I would like to shake his hand and tell him all of this myself while we sit and laugh over the silly things we did in that one hour both of us had together everyday. I have so many regrets; I regret ever being mad at your son, I regret ever declining to help him in the class when I was frustrated, I’m so sorry I was anything but kind to your son when he was nothing but cordial towards me. I wish I could take back every rude gesture, because in his very last moments we were still friends. He let me be his friend and saying that it was honor is an understatement. I know that it’s natural for friends to have disagreements, but when you can’t see them again you wish you replaced those moments with positivity. I say all of this to say in six months your son changed how I saw the world. So as my thanks to him, and you his family, I will change every life I touch for the better. I will make friends wherever I go in hopes that I can carry on Luke’s will to make the world a better place and bring joyous to memories to all I come into contact with.

    Thank you,
    Harold sims

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