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Russell B. Mower

05/31/1947 - 12/23/2020

Russell Ben Mower passed away December 23, 2020, in Chandler, Arizona.

Russ came into the world on May 31, 1947 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the first child of Ben Earl and Marjorie Russell Mower.  He was very adventurous, curious, compassionate, mischievous, loved to joke and enjoyed a good laugh.  Those qualities carried with him throughout his life.

The family grew in Centerville, Utah, adding Nancy and George.  In the early 1950’s they moved to Sherman Oaks, California, where Susan joined them.  In late 1955 the family settled in Phoenix, Arizona, where they welcomed John and then Rob.

Russ achieved his Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts, his Duty to God award, and graduated from the Church’s youth seminary program.

He attended Arcadia High School and later Brigham Young University.  He served a work mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in northern Utah.

He joined the Navy as a Seabee and had two tours of duty to Vietnam working on military airstrip installation, and honorably discharged.

He spent several years working in Salt Lake City as a “Cabbie” (as some of his customers called him). He also worked for the USPS, at Hill Air Force Base.  As a pizza delivery guy, among other jobs in the community sector, he had many interesting encounters and opportunities for service.  He then returned to Arizona.  Russ lived with his Mom the last years of her life.  They helped each other.

Russ was very independent, an entrepreneur at heart, always looking for a good business deal.  He loved to read, swim, play racquetball, shoot baskets, was an expert snooker and pool player—a hobby he learned from his father.

When he as young, he saved his baby brother Rob from drowning in the family pool.

As a youth he was chasing his brother George and didn’t notice George had closed the living room Arcadia glass door.  Russ ran through it, looked down, and proudly shouted, “Look, not a scratch!”  A physician neighbor spent the better part of the evening stitching him back up.

Thanks to sister Nancy and husband Dave for all their service to Russ especially the last few years.  Brother George was very helpful.  Nephew Brian Jordan was also a kind friend.

Thanks to caregiver Victoria who encouraged and cared for Russ the last months of his life.  Appreciation to Hospice of the Valley for their services.

Russ understood the love his Heavenly Father had for him and the sacrifice the Savior made for him and us all.

He survived by his siblings, Nancy (Dave), AZ; George (Karen), AZ; Susan (David), UT; John (Pam), WA; and Rob (Denise), UT.  Has has 16 nieces and nephews, 39 great nieces and nephews, and counting.

There will be a graveside service with military rites in Lehi, Utah.

Russ, we love and honor you for being faithful until the end of your mortal journey.


  • Susan Smith LeSueur

    I can’t think of Rusty without having a smile on my face! Growing up with him was an adventure in itself, wasn’t it? We friends never knew what he might think to do next! He was definitely an independent free-spirit and plenty mischievous as well.
    On August 29th, 1966, I had the privilege of spending time with him on his last evening in Phoenix before he left for the Navy. We went to the Carnation Company, the Big Apple, cruised Central, and drove all around Camelback Mountain—must have been his favorite places in the valley that he knew he would miss. I wrote in my calendar on that day, “Lots of fun—Russ will be okay. Looked sharp in Navy Blues.”

    He was always my good friend, although I saw him rarely. I was thankful to see all of you, including Rusty, at your mother’s funeral, and rejoice in her great posterity! The Mower family played a big part in my teen years in our church. Ben was my Sunday School teacher one year, and Marge was the most loved woman in the Ward for her wit, her musical ability, and her genuine warmth for everyone. Susan was one of 23 thirteen-year-olds in my Sunday School class when I was 20, and I adored her. Nancy has been in my Tempe Stake for many years, and we have come to know and appreciate each other much more than we did in high school years. You are all part of my history, and I dearly love your Mower family!

    I had one last opportunity to see Russ as Nancy, Dave, and I all participated in last year’s Stake Christmas Choir Festival, and I sat side-by-side with Russ until it was my choir’s turn to perform. He left before I could speak to him at the conclusion, but I considered it a precious opportunity to connect with him again as old friends. I have great respect for Russ and am happy that he will rest in Lehi, Utah and be given military rites at the graveside service. Tender love for all of you. Susan

  • Dear Nancy, Susan, George, John & Robert, Rana let me know that Rusty passed away and sent me the link to his obituary. We are sorry for your loss. We hope you will find peace and comfort through the Holy Spirit and your testimonies of the Plan of Salvation. May you recall many happy memories of times spent with him. We remember seeing and talking to Rusty in 2015 when we visited Marge in Phoenix. Just before we left, he went back to his room and brought out a teddy bear for me. It is till on display in our guest bedroom! We have pictured a recent happy reunion for Rusty with Aunt Marge. Know that you are in our thoughts. Sending our Love, Paula & Laur Barker PS: the coordinated striped shirts in the photo in Phoenix were not planned! PS: I sent this text to Nancy a couple of weeks ago and sent it as a Facebook message to Susan last week but I don’t think they received it because I haven’t heard back from either. So, I’m trying this method. If ANY of you could acknowledge our condolences, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Cousin Paula

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