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Robert David Sturgiss

01/06/1933 - 01/13/2021

On January 13, 2021, one week after his 88th birthday, Robert D. Sturgiss was sent to his heavenly home where he is now free from all pain and illness. He was lovingly united with many family and friends who left before him, including his son, Robert D. Sturgiss, Jr. and daughter-in-law, Dona L. Sturgiss.

Robert will be dearly missed by his wife of almost 68 years, Rita A. Sturgiss, his surviving children Suzie (Chris) Schemp, Karen (Mark) Browning, Howard Sturgiss and Tina Deer, his fourteen grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren. He was an amazing husband, father, brother, grandfather, neighbor, and friend, a man of strong religious beliefs and good work ethics. He loved working in his yard and was always outside working on one project or another until COVID attacked him.

He leaves behind many people who will miss him, many people who would love to hug him and spend more time with him. There are so many unspoken words we would like to tell him, memories we would love to share with him and opportunities we would like to have to tell him just how much he is loved and appreciated. Thank you for being our husband, dad, and grandpa! We look forward to the day we can hug, kiss and tell you that WE LOVE YOU!


  • Miss you, Dad, and you will never know how much fun (and terror!) all five of us kids had raiding your underwear drawer for all the good candy. And we apologize for the demise of your recliner too….all us kids

  • Beth (Anderson) Walen

    Dear Dad Sturgiss, I will miss you so much. The last time we talked, I was so pleasantly surprised that you remember me and that we talked for well over an hour. I met the wonderful and special Sturgiss family almost 50 years ago. It has been my honor and privilege to know and love all of you. I love you! Until we meet again…❤️

  • I had the pleasure of working alongside Bob for much of the past 10-12 years. Rarely do you find a more dedicated and passionate person than Bob. He knew who he was and what he stood for and would proudly stand up for it even if he appeared to be alone. More than once did I see him and his perspective alter the course of things and I truly appreciate him for his courage and ethics… even when we disagreed a bit.
    Without you around I am noticing a void in my life and I miss you dear friend. God speed to you on the other side until we meet again. Tell Kelly hi from me.
    Love Dan

  • He was the sweetest uncle. I always felt loved when I was around him and Aunt Rita. I will miss you Uncle Bob. Thank you for all the fun times! You are the best!

  • Bob, we sure miss your always smiling face. You were a true friend and the world lost a great man.

  • Dearest Bob, my first memory with you is going to your house as a 1st grader after school. You always treated me so well and so kind, like your own grandkid. Now having my girls, you always greeted them with a smile and were so caring to them as well. Thank you for being a great blessing in my life. We will miss you.

  • Duane and Myrna Johnson

    It is seemingly impossible to think of Bob without thinking of Rita. They were a matched pair. I look at the vacant back bench and in my mind I see, whom I considered, the most regal couple of Dana Ranch Ward. Both Rita and Bob wore crowns of beautiful white hair and heavenly smiles to match. When they greeted you, you felt you were most special in their lives. I look at the pretty little home and miss seeing Bob out planting and pruning and beautifying the outside. Rita would be inside making it just as serene and beautiful as ever a home could be. It reflected the beauty and serenity of their lives and a loving welcoming spirit was always felt. We are sure Heaven is a little more “heavenly” now that Bob has entered its portals. He will be sorely missed, but we are so grateful for memories. We love you Bob and Rita

  • One memory I have of Bob is about the first times I met him. He said that the reason he loved being a member of the Church is that everyone hugged. And he gave really good hugs. Bob always appreciated a good treat whether it was a piece of dark chocolate, or cinnamon roll and was gracious in receiving such. He told me that there was an ice cream he really loved but could only be found back East. He and Rita got some on a trip there, put it on dry ice and brought it back as a carry-on to Arizona.
    Bob trained me on all the technical stuff I had to know as new Relief Society President. He took impeccable notes in Ward Council, sang with gusto, and could find a way to bring levity to the meeting.
    Several years ago, Katy was just a few months old. I was teaching RS and Charlie worked Sundays. Bob, Loy and Nancy Allred pretty much raised that baby in the Library. I guess that is where my kids started calling him”Uncle Bob”.
    Bob, I’m going to miss sitting on that back row with you and Rita. You are truly a good friend, a gentleman and gentle man. I will definitely miss those hugs. Love you like crazy❣️

  • I remember Bob Sturgiss. He was the life-blood of the Dana Ranch Ward. I worked with Bob for the past 15 years. I have never known anyone who would do as much for someone as Bob would do for them. He was a great High-Priest group leader, Executive Secretary and Ward Clerk. He excelled in all areas.

    His wife, Rita is something herself. I picture them on the back row of the church house holding down their spot–always there. Rita will need all of the help she can get.

  • Kara and Jared Shumway

    You will always have a very dear place in our hearts. You were a pillar of strength for us when we needed it most. Your patience, love, and matter-of-fact approach will always mean the world to us. We admired you so much and how you approached life. We are better for having had the privilege of having you and your dear wife in our lives. You are dearly missed. We love you.

  • Nicole Turley

    Bob is one of those truly remarkable people who is genuinely kind to everyone. Bob and his beautiful wife Rita have been more than friends to our family for years- they have become adopted members of our family. Since we have known them, they have provided us with years of laughter, meals, stories and so many memories that I will treasure. Bob had a way of caring for those in his life that was completely selfless.He truly loved to take care of and enjoy time with his Sweetheart and other members of his family, his ward and his friends. If there was ever a need to be met or a service to be done, you know you could count on Bob. I will be Eternally grateful for Grandpa Bob and all he did and continues to do for our family. We love and miss you and cannot wait to see you again!

  • When our family moved to Arizona 26 years ago, the hardest part was leaving all of our family behind. But we were blessed beyond belief when we met Bob and Rita Sturgis. Not only were they added to our ward family but became literal members of the Moss Family. My kids LOVED including them in our family activities and holidays. Bob is the epitome of what a good friend is. I always knew that if I really needed anything he would drop anything and come running. Bob is the best example of service and commitment. Whatever assignment he was given was fulfilled and them Bob would always go an extra mile. Bob made us feel welcome and loved and I will look forward to many more visits and dinners and laughs in the Eternities We love you Bob!

  • Nathan Turley

    I didn’t know Bob as long as most but when I met him for the first time my wife and her family already lovingly referred to him as Grandpa Bob. And it was certainly not hard to see why. Here was a man that from the moment you met him was willing to be and do anything for you so you instantly felt like family. I am eternally grateful for who he is and what he has done for me and my family. The world could not be missing a better man. God be with you till we meet again Grandpa Bob!

  • When we moved into our home 47 years ago, Bob and Rita were some of the first neighbors that we met, thus beginning a lifelong friendship. Over the years we shared many good times and lots of laughter. My sweetheart, Gary, loved and respected Bob a lot. My best memory of Bob was after Gary died and Bob came
    and stayed at our home to keep it safe during the funeral. I will be forever grateful for his acts of kindness that
    he showed our family over the years -especially picking up Rita’s Avon orders with a smile! To Rita and family
    we send our love and prayers -what a grand reunion will take place in the future!

  • About 45 years ago a couple moved into the corner home on E. Forge of the Countryside Park development. Our family was among the very first families to inhabit these new homes. As was my custom, I made up a loaf of Banana Nut Bread, and we walked over to the next street to welcome the new residents! As we visited with them, we learned they were members of our church. We let them know the meeting times. Through the years, Bob and Rita both served faithfully in many different capacities. It’s hard to imagine Dana Ranch Ward Sacrament meetings without picturing Bob and Rita seated on that back row. Here are some of the things I remember about Bob:
    1. Always good for a big hug and a complement whenever I saw him.
    2. “Delivery Boy” for Rita’s delicious baked goods, soups etc. We were part of the “Gravy Train” as she called it.
    3. Working in his yard, keeping it looking beautiful.
    4. When we passed by his house, saw him there and honked…he was never too busy to stop whatever he was doing and wave and smile.
    5. Had a great sense of humor. Always had a smile on his face. He liked to laugh and especially liked funny birthday cards.
    It’s hard to believe he’s gone. He was a dear friend and will be missed and remembered fondly.

  • Bob and Rita moved into the Countryside Park subdivision not long after Jeanene and I did. We moved here in May 1976 and became acquainted with them shortly thereafter. That acquaintance grew into a treasured friendship. Bob and I spent countless hours discussing politics, religion, families, our heart surgeries and everything in between. Bob was a man of many experiences and I really enjoyed hearing about them. He was such an easy guy to talk to. There were many times when I was outside messing with my boat and fishing equipment when Bob would stop while taking his daily walk. Sometimes we would visit for just a few minutes. Sometimes for an hour or longer. I really miss those times. I really miss his friendship.

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