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Nancy Rose Tucker

07/06/1942 - 06/03/2020

Nancy Rose Tucker was born on July 6th, 1942 in Loma Linda, California.  She was the only daughter of Raymond and Gladys Martin.  She passed away in Mesa, Arizona, on June 3rd, 2020.  Nancy is survived by her children: James Tucker and Kathi Sweet, son-in-law Rob Sweet, as well as numerous nieces and nephews.  Nancy is preceded in death by her parents: Raymond and Gladys, and her brother William Martin.

Nancy grew up in California but moved to Arizona in the 1960s where her children were born.  She pursued her passion of caring for others by obtaining her education in Nursing and dedicating her career to healing others while also raising her children.  A serious illness in 1996 required her to stop working but she continued to keep up on her medical education and provided much appreciated guidance and support to friends and family.

Nancy was loved by many and will be remembered for her intelligence, wit and compassion.  She was very generous and charitable to her family, friends and numerous organizations.  She was not only a wonderful mother but also a best friend to her children, who will miss her more than words can say.  To whom we love and adore, until we meet again.


  • Karen Faulkner

    Life is very interesting, to say the least, that we became friends under unusual circumstances; enjoyed those times we shared. Rest in Peace, my friend.

  • My dear aunt was someone I always looked up to in life. She was always so caring to everyone in her life. I will try to mask my heartbreak with the thought that now she can be with her mom and dad and her brother, my father, once again. I love you Nancy, you are dear to me and forever in my heart.

  • Gina Golla & Family

    I love you so much sweet Aunt Nancy. I adored you, as you always said you adored me. You will always be missed greatly. Xoxo

  • My husband, Ron and I knew Nancy through the Glendale SDA Church. She was a dear friend. We appreciated her wit and knowledge. After we moved to Wickenburg we enjoyed her correspondence and our phone conversations. She will be greatly missed.

  • Karolyn Tibbits

    I loved you dear friend and nursing school roommate. I can hardly write this through my tears. We shared so much. You were wise, kind, and caring and had a great sense of humor. You helped me survive my divorce with all your advice and helped me deal with the death of my son Tim 4 yrs ago. I cannot imagine you not being there for me anymore. I admire the way you lived your life especially after your disability, with so much courage & strength. I know you must have been tired and now you are resting in Jesus. I hope to see you in heaven. Love for you, James and Kathi.

  • I feel a great sense of loss for my wonderful aunt. Nancy was only a year older than my mom, her brother’s first wife. I remember when her children were little and how much she cared for them, putting their needs before hers. When I was growing up, she was like a second mom to me. She moved to Arizona while I was a little girl, and I was privileged to be the next girl to sleep in her bedroom. I remember the pink walls, the twin beds with frilly bedspreads. Grandma always tried to keep us warm with electric blankets in that chilly room! I sense them both and their influences on my life as I sit in that same room now.
    When Grandma moved to live near her daughter, I missed her terribly. The warm Arizona sun and Nancy’s expert care helped Grandma live a comfortable life. I visited them in Phoenix with my children when they were little and Nancy was down-to-earth welcoming! She definitely had a sense of humor, something I think she got from her mom!
    Since then, she and I communicated through cards, letters, and emails. I will miss her wisdom, her caring, her kindness, and her role as the family historian. Nancy always shared what was going on with extended family, but her most precious topics were her children Kathi and James. She was very proud of their accomplishments and grateful she could be cared for while living at home.
    Aunt Nancy was there when I needed someone to talk to about my mom’s passing last year. She was a voice of reason and love. She loved the Lord and I know she is going to spend eternity with Him. TWILAA lives on through my daughter and me when we end our correspondences. I will forever remember Nancy when I write those letters: To Whom I Love And Adore! Rest in Peace. Know you were loved and that I felt your love for me and my family. Love to my cousins Kathi & James, too!

  • Nancy, I were missing you yesterday that is why I texted a message to your home phone and tonight finding out that I will be missing you even more now, though I will carry you always in my heart dear friend we became closer then sisters. I spoke of you often to others, even the 4 years I’ve lived here in Tennessee, not even a month would pass without my sharing you with my new friends and members of my church here about how kind and loving you were to allow me to share your home in 2005 when it was a difficult time in my life but you made it a time of joy and today The Lord sent me a new friend, and she herself told me that she had prayed that He would send her a friend and today He had sent me. We spent the day sharing The Lord and our experiences with Him in our lives. We talked for hours like you and I did Nancy, now I know why, I had only met this lady, her husband and her 2 college children once before for 15 minuets and she were making plans for me to visit and today my new friend and I became closer then sisters. Now I know why. I’ve always thank the Lord for you, your kindness, your Sisterly love and caring. I will miss our phone conversations, me calling, you calling. I will miss the just because I care cards every other month from youafter I left AZ, to let me know that someone cared and though I were out here alone I were never alone. I know that you will very much missed by Glendale church friends and members and most of all you will so very much missed by my. Now I know why He sent this new friend today that told me she loved me after I had shared The Lord and you with her in the 5 hours shopping for my garden soil in the ride to Jackson and back to Huntingdon and over frozen fruit drink and my homemade date cookie at my place. I remember those sisterly times like that with you Nancy. Now I know, The Lord knew that today I would need someone who knew my heart like you did Nancy, so today He sent Angie, a kind and good hearted person, a real and true friend like you Nancy. A friend that everyone needs in their life.You can’t ever be replaced Nancy. Gone, but you will never be forgotten.❤️You Nancy, Goodbye my sweet and dearest friend. Ola

  • I know Nancy was the bravest & most courageous person, I’ve ever known, though life had dealt her a terrible blow, she did not let it get her down, put she kept on the go. Being a blessing to all she would meet, always helpful and sweet. Her disability was a real handicap, yet she never complained at all, But only her thoughtfulness and helpfulness is what everybody saw. She will be missed so much. Loved her

  • Lisa Jennings

    I first met Nancy in 2002 when I became the Cradle Roll Leader in our church Sabbath School. Nancy volunteered to play the piano and assist me. There was nothing she wouldn’t do to help. Even with some of her physical challenges she managed to do just about anything I needed. She helped for several years before she had to “retire” from Sabbath School. I missed her smile, her unique sense of humor and her compassionate heart. My condolences to her family. She was a precious woman.❤️

  • As fellow nurses at church Nancy and I shared concerns for health education for our congregation and school. I admired her courage and endurance regardless of her physical constraints and pain. Nancy had the cutest smile and incredible sense of humor. She knew a lot about everything that was going on but she rarely shared that information when she knew she should keep quiet. She would make this sign with her fingers of zipping her lips. Her eyes would twinkle and her eyelids would flutter and that was all she would share of her secrets. Nancy wrote so many notes to encourage others. She wrote one to me that I still keep and cherish. She knew how to say the right words to encourage me. I knew she understood my sorrow. I was sad to see her move but I was relieved that she would not be living alone. I am so sad I did not make that last phone call to her. Now she rests. See you in the kingdom my friend.

  • I have just found out about Nancy’s passing when I received a letter from her son, James. We met when we were attending ASU to receive our BSN degrees which we did in 1979. We enjoyed meeting for lunch and studying together. She was such a thoughtful person with a great sense of humor. I left Arizona after we graduated but we kept up our correspondence and would get together when I would return to Arizona to visit my parents. She faced her health challenges with such courage and determination. I always admired her. I will miss hearing from her but know she is at peace. My condolences to James and Kathi.

  • Michelle Horsman Juarez

    Nancy and I met at the Glendale SDA church. We both had attended the same church but had never spoken. One day, we sat next to each other. It wasn’t long before I saw through her tough exterior and got a glimpse of her beautiful and caring heart. Her wisdom and caring ways always stood out to me. She was a dedicated friend and daughter. I cherished all of our conversations. I felt she always had wonderful words of wisdom to share with me- a young, single mother who was just trying to keep a handle on things. After she moved to Mesa, we kept in touch for sometime before losing touch. I was sitting here tonight and I found correspondence from her. Now I find out she is resting in Jesus. I will miss our next conversation, until we meet again. I loved you dearly, my friend. My condolences to her loved ones.

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