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Margaret Jean Webster

10/08/1928 - 08/04/2020
Visitation Date: 08/12/2020
Visitation Time: 6-8 PM
Visitation Location: Bunker's Garden Chapel, 33 N. Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ 85201

Margaret Jean Clegg Webster passed away peacefully of natural causes in her home on August 4th, 2020. She was born October 8, 1928 in Vineyard, Utah, remained in Utah until her marriage to Nelson Webster in 1949 and spent the rest of their time in Arizona.

Preceding Jean and greeting her on the other side is her loving, eternal companion Nelson, along with 4 children, Sam, Bill, JoAnn, and Joyce.  She is survived by her daughters Jenell Williams Burnham (Robert), Lois Webster (Bill), Janet Webster, Judy Cotter (Ben) and Jillene Petersen (Kirt). She was blessed with 14 Grandchildren, and 37 great grandchildren. Jean devoted her life to her family, community, students and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her legacy is one of service and unconditional love offering joy and happiness to others.  She had a way of making everyone feel important. The lives she touched were numerous and her memory will be felt forever. Due to Covid-19, funeral and viewing will be in accordance with the social distancing requirements from the State of Arizona and the church. We will respectfully be wearing masks. Those who wish to honor Jean are welcome to the viewing held Wednesday, August 12, 2020 from 6:00-8:00 pm at Bunkers Garden Chapel, 33 N Centennial Way, Mesa AZ 85201. Family viewing is from 5:00-6:00 pm the same day.

In following the guidelines and as we are limited, the funeral service attendance is by invitation only. The service will be held at 10:00 am Arizona time, Thursday, August 13, 2020.  A viewing will be held from 9-9:45 for those attending the service.

Funeral will be broadcast on Zoom for anyone desiring to join us.

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Graveside service will follow where Jean will be laid to rest at the side of her husband, Nelson at the Mesa City Cemetery, 1212 North Center St, Mesa 85201


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  • Not much to say that can even come close to being worthy enough of praising or remembering seeta. I’ll miss my grandma dearly, she loved without reservations. She was fun, insightful, caring, compassionate, and wise. She was all the good, she was human too, she wasn’t afraid of always being perfect, that was a testimony she had of knowing she did not have to be perfect all the time, which is exactly what made her so close to Being just that. I’ll miss squeezing orange juice, eating waffles and creamed eggs, I’ll miss long talks, and really good hellos/goodbyes. May heaven embrace the giant they inherited, and may the angels welcome her in!

  • Carli Patterson and kids

    Our Seeta is an example of how a life should be lived. Her genuine love and service to others was a beautiful act of love. We will miss how happy she always was to see us, her sweet chats, her praise and advice, her laugh, singing together and ice cream waffles. Our sweet Grandma will be missed so much but we know we have another angel in heaven looking out for us! Till we meet again Love you Seetapants ❤️

  • Grandma saw people for their heart. She had a personal relationship with so many and loved them and connected with them no matter how different they were from her. She was so Christ like that way. She cared about others however near or far and came to my events and wrote me so many cards over the years. I’ve always wanted to be like her. She knew what was most important in this life and she lived it. I have felt her love for me and others before she passed but I feel it even stronger now and want to be a better person because of her. Everybody benefited from being around her and felt loved. Love you grams!!

  • Oh how I love this precious lady! She could make anyone feel very loved and special, it was one of her gifts. I (we) the Jones Family always felt a part of her family. She remembered our Birthdays and invited us to many fun, memorable gatherings in her home. Such an example of all things good and righteous. She will truly be missed.♥️

  • I loved, loved loved my Aunt Jean. What an amazing life she lived where she had a great Influence for good on so many. She blessed my life in so many ways .I will miss her! ❤️

  • Kelly Lindsey Babb

    I was raised in Parker Arizona and was blessed to have Mrs. Webster as my sixth grade teacher… All the Websters were such great people..

  • Lauralee Jensen

    My first thought was that she couldn’t get to a family reunion here so she went where there was a greater reunion! I hope they have an accordion there for the parade😁. Grandpa Clegg was always in those parades way back. Jean brought the spirit of family the minute she arrived. She made everyone feel special and loved. We all have notes of love and encouragement written over the years. Even though we know she was ready to move on she leaves a huge void for her loved ones here. She has an amazing legacy with children, grandkids and greats that emulate her and will continue loving as she did. Love to you all♥️

  • I love you grandma! Seeta loved everyone, unconditionally. I always felt loved and cared for by my grandma. She lived an amazing life full of service. She was also so much fun, she could laugh and joke. I have amazing memories of my grandma. The accordion, Christmas Eve at her house, sleepovers at her house, backyard bashes, watching sports together, coming to Hawaii to visit, etc! I am so blessed that my family stopped by last week before she passed, so we could visit with her. Have fun with all your sweet reunions in heaven grandma! Love you ❤️.

  • Family reunions will never be the same. We all love our Aunt Jean.

  • Aunt Jean instantly brings a flood of memories, beginning with the intoxicating smell of the world’s best homemade bread! She loved to sing and always had her accordion handy to get everyone to join in. She always came up with the best Road Shows, and inspired the best from her “actors”, which we loved being. (And we usually won the Stake competitions!). I remember fun road trips to Dance Festivals in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl that were chaperoned by her and Uncle Nelson. There were many fun visits at Grandma May’s while enjoying a bowl of beans, coleslaw, and cornbread, topped off with lemon jello cake, and then later on the cousins parties at her house. She always sent Wonderful newsy cards and letters letting you know what was going on, and that you were not forgotten. Rest assured Aunt Jean, you will not be forgotten until we meet again!

  • I have many great memories of cousin Jean she was always so loving i remember when we moved there and stayed at her house and how welcoming she & nelson was! I have been told many stories by my grandma (aunt Bea) of when the Clegg kids where little and her going to babysit them & her and aunt Marjorie going down to help Oriol out! We love you cousin Jean

  • I will forever be thankful for the whole Nelson Webster family for introducing Frank to the Gospel and showing him the love and good examples he needed to change his life. Jean was right in the middle of all that and “adopted” Frank as her own. We will all miss Jean and her sweet smile and attitude . She had a love for everyone and she lived like our Savior would like us all to.

  • On behalf of the Savino’s from Parker AZ, my heartfelt condolences but also what a joyful time as she will
    be reunited with Nelson. As a child I attended Nelson’s memorial and now send my love along with my parents, Frank and Peggy, to the entire Webster Clan! Without the Nelson’s our family would not be an eternal one! The Webster’s will alway hold a special place in our hearts!!!

  • Britney Gulbrandsen

    Anyone who knew my grandma knew that she was the best of the best!

    Seeta taught me many things, but above all else, she taught me that the 3 things that matter most are the gospel, family, and people.

    • Hearing her pray was one of my favorite things in the world! It was clear she knew her Heavenly Father personally and doing His will was her priority. She was a wonderful example of living a Christlike life.

    • Family was everything to her! Nothing made her happier than family gatherings and I’m grateful for the unity she created. I love having such a close relationship with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and their kids, and I know she was a big part of the reason we’re all so close.

    • Seeta knew that people matter and lived a life that showed it. I’m amazed by how many people I run into that knew her and felt her love. She loved to go the extra mile to make things special and fun—like taking the time to handwrite a breakfast menu every time I spent the night as a kid, even though we both knew I’d choose waffles and ice cream every single time. She knew it made me happy, and that made it important to her.

    I inherited my love of books, writing, learning, and stories from her, and I’m proud to hold her name as my own (and to have passed it on to my daughter too)!

    It’s hard to imagine that she’s gone. That I won’t get a phone call on my 31st birthday. That next June she won’t be calling my husband and I on our anniversary to serenade us and urge us to kiss. That there will be no more accordion playing, no more of her many stories, no more sitting next to her, talking and holding her hand.

    But I’m so, so grateful we got to keep her as long as we did and that my kids were able to know her! All week I’ve been envisioning the party she’s having in heaven with her many loved ones, including my grandpa Nelson. I know that was a long-awaited reunion and it makes my heart happy to think about the joy they’re feeling!

    I love you, Grandma!

  • There are a few people in each of our lives that when we meet them, we know there is just something different about them. For me, my Aunt Jean has always been at the top of that list.
    I will always remember how she made me feel. Important, loved, remembered and happy are a few words that come to mind. From her big, joyful, welcoming smiles and hugs, to her funny, witty stories, you never wondered what she thought or felt. She wore it on her sleeve. She embodied the best of what each of us strives to be. Thank you for sharing part of your life with me. I will forever love and miss you until we meet again.

  • I love love, Aunt Jean so much, she was always happy to see me, never forgot my birthday and Christmas, she gave the best spring parties, and how she loved pigs, and shared her display of pigs to us all, she has a huge heart and everyone she touched felt her love, she will be missed so much, i know she is having a wonderful reunion with all her loved ones..❤❤ Love you Aunt Jean…

  • Although I didn’t realize it until I was older, growing up Aunt Jean tried to take on the role of Grandma for us since her sister Janet (my grandmother) had passed when my mom was young. Even though she was a few states away she always made us feel special and never forgot about us at Christmas and birthdays. I’m so grateful to have had her in my life growing up and for the wonderful memories at the family reunions, from her wacky costumes for the Clegg parades to her Bruno the Bear Stories. What a wonderful woman and I can feel her love still, and how happy she must be to see her sweet husband and children again. Love you Aunt Jean!

  • Rosemary Esquerra

    Jean and Nelson are the reason I am a member of the church They lived the gospel She was alway there for me My first thought when Jenell called was how happy Nelson and her kida were to see but i will miss her

  • Oh how I loved Aunt Jean! Always curious of what you have been up to, and always the life of the party (she was often throwing). Sending love to all of the Websters and grateful for the influence she had on so many ❤️❤️❤️.

  • My dear Seeta, as you pass through the vail to reunite with your loved ones it helps to know that our Heavenly Fathers plan is real!

    I will always be grateful that the Webster family adopted me as one of their own so many years ago!

    My adopted sisters know this that I love you all still and I feel the emptiness as well as the joy each of you have with the passing of mom!

    Thank you all again for letting me be part of your lives!

  • Rhonda Baca (Rocky Mountain Restoration

    On behalf of the Rocky Mountain Restoration team we would like to offer our deepest condolences and prayers to your family during your time of mourning. May you all be blessed with her memories and legacy.

    Rocky Mountain Restoration Team

  • Jean was an amazing friend, always available to anyone needing her help, ideas, or companionship. All of my favorite memories of teaching at Patterson Elementary include Jean. I will miss this special lady and know I will see her again.

  • Heartfelt love and condolences to the Webster Family!
    Aunt Jean to me was always the life of the party, never in an ill mood and always there for any and everyone! She always gave the best parties and family reunion get togethers. Something about her playing that accordion was “magic”!
    I too was a generational pupil of her acting and production tutelage in the Parker Road Show. She cast me as the founder of the New World, “Columbus” as in Christopher Columbus back in the old days when that was still an honor! We too won Stake! She could have been a Hollywood Producer no doubt in my mind!
    I’m sure she and Uncle Nelson are so happy to be together again!

  • What a great, grand and wonderful lady who touched the lives of so many. Her love of the Savior, the Gospel and of her family were paramount in her life. Eloise and I will surely miss her, but are so happy in the knowledge she is with her loved Nelson again.

  • What a wonderful tribute this service has been. I hope to go forward a better person, to live more deeply and love unconditionally like Seeta. Although a mother of an in law she made me feel like family. I know her circle of family and those lives she has touched through her love and testimony will be very, very large. I love you Seeta. Thank you for providing this service on zoom.

  • Julianne Clegg Gray

    So thankful for Aunt Jean in my life. She has always been an inspiration and brought joy to me and my family. We will forever cherish our memories with Aunt Jean and will look forward to a future reunion with her and all our loved ones. We love seeing her in each of her children and grandchildren and are grateful for the awesome legacy she has created! 💗💗💗

  • I first want to send my condolences to the Webster family. Sending much love and peace to each of you.
    Jean held different roles in my life. One of the first memories was when my brother and I went to the Mesa Temple to get sealed to my parents. We were young and I for some reason was scared. All of the people in white in this big beautiful place was scary to me! Especially, when we were dropped off at the nursery!! It is a good thing Kelly was with me because -well you can guess. It took, to me forever before we were taken to our parents-but the time came. Walked in the door and the first face I saw other than my Mother was Aunt Jean!! I remember thinking she looked so pretty with her all white attire and of coarse…lipstick. She gave me the loving smile. I felt more at ease in the situation!
    Like others have mentioned-she was the Belle of the parties, holidays, and celebrations. Her homemade bread was the BEST! Playing her accordion every opportunity that presented itself. She always was a big part of the dinners at church and the Relief Society Bazaars. I remember swimming get togethers at Lakeside, the Met swimming hole, and the river by Bedrock! She always was heading Church activities, classes, roadshows, etc. I admired how she could sit down at the piano and play anything! By ear of coarse! Much talent!
    Aunt Jean became Mrs. Webster to me!!! I really struggled to remember to address her as Mrs. Webster at school! Yes-I had the opportunity to be one of her students in sixth grade!! I enjoyed that year very much. It was nice to get a occasional wink from her!!!
    I’m thankful for her patience with me. I remember I was helping wash dishes with a couple of my cousins (her daughters) at their house. We were being silly while we washed the dishes and started singing Opera! To my horror I went to HIGH and one of her crystal goblets in her China closet broke in a zillion pieces. We all shared huge startled eyes—I felt horrible. But, then Aunt Jean started laughing really hard! Unbelievable! Leave it to me-so embarrassing. She forgave me and loved me anyway.
    I learned from and admired all Aunt Jean did throughout her life. I too know she is enjoying her loved ones on the other side. She and Uncle Nelson are reunited! What a Life!!!

  • Casey Cotter Nesbit

    Video of Jean’s life:

    Grandma, I love you so much! You’re a forever friend and I’m so grateful we get that. Without exaggeration, you were always uplifting, cheerful, kind, with a heart spilling out love to everyone within your reach… and then you reached further and found more and more to share it with.

    Here’s some memories I posted about you:

    When I wrote the “My Hero” paper in school, it was about her. She brought happiness to all she came in contact with and kept in contact with them to continue that happiness. What could be more heroic?! Easiest essay I ever wrote.

    She always made me feel like I was special to her. I know she did that for all of her grandkids and great grands and yet, I’m still convinced I was her favorite ☺️😂. She was just so good at that. She loved so genuinely and even into her old years, always mustered the energy to bring cheer out in every conversation with her wit and quick mind.

    We went on a cross country trip one summer and she ran into someone she knew or had some connection everywhere we went.

    One day I got to miss school and go watch her get the “Teacher of the Year” for Gilbert Schools. I remember telling my second grade teacher about it and feeling so proud of her. I went to her classroom on some take your daughter to work days and thought she was the most fun teacher in all the land.

    We never had to tell her we were coming over. She loved when we’d show up. We took the backroads and rode our bikes over sometimes and we had sleepovers there as kids a lot. We would play board and card games, then she and Jan would make us comfy beds in front of movies. I still have a fondness for certain quilts in her linen closet (many of them made and signed by young women’s groups she served). She would let us make menus and cook breakfast with her and Jan in the morning. We usually ended up with a scoop of ice cream on waffles (no wonder us kids wanted to spend the night so often 😄).

    One year for Christmas when I was a teenager, I made her a very simple pillow with a picture of the two of us on it. Never have I had a more appreciated gift. I’d go over there and see it on her bed or talk to her on the phone and she’d say, “just made my bed and got your sweet face on it”.
    Speaking of Christmas, the nostalgia of perfect childhood Christmasses come back instantly when I walk up to her house with Christmas lights in chilly air.

    So many of my friends knew her and loved her too. We hung out there in high school sometimes and later, I think I even took a few boyfriends there to meet her first. Rex was her favorite. She got him from the get go and told him often how much “Nelson” would have liked him. She gave us her cake topper from her wedding cake for ours.

    My first full-time job was a few miles away, so I spent most of my lunch breaks there with her that year. Fun times.

    She wrote to me every single week of my 19 month mission. Heartfelt, kind letters filled with love and encouragement and clippings of uplifting things she read or pictures of family members. What a boost those letters were. And she did that for so many. Up until she couldn’t see, she sent hundreds and hundreds of birthday cards out every year. There was always a stack of letters sitting in the crack of her mailbox for the postman to take. For decades she also made us all scrapbooks. She took tons of pictures and usually got 4+ sets of each roll developed so she could send them home with each family.

    She went through really difficult things in life with incredible optimism. One early example- she was going through cancer and her hair was falling out, so she had my sisters and I brush it and pull the loose hairs out. Being young, I thought it was kind of scary at first, but she just laughed so hard about it that we all ended up laughing.

    When I was a kid, her go-to dress up was a clown costume (she wore it at some of our birthdays), but she replaced that with her long curly blonde wig and piggy nose 🐷, always busting out tunes on her accordion. She had an amazing musical ear and played accordion and piano by ear. There will always be hymns and classics that will remind me of her when I hear them. “You must have been a beautiful baby”, Gram.

    Even though she never had luxuries, she always wanted to gift us things. She’d buy for us when she could or as an adult, she’d start grabbing clothes out of her closet for me. Even when I said I was okay, she still had to send me off with something. She had chocolate and Werthers ready for any visitor.

    Family ties were important. She put together reunions in Utah with her side and long after he passed, still celebrated my grandpa’s birthday with his side at her “Backyard Bash”. And Lots of family parties in between. She told us stories of ancestors and photocopied their pictures for us. A lot of the reason I have close relationships with extended family is because of her and what she passed on to my mom that way. My incredible mom got so many amazing traits from her.

    She and Grandpa started the ward in Parker, Arizona and were amazing missionaries growing it from there. As grandpa laid the stones for the chapel, she fed the workers. Their bond together was a service bond. She found her happiness in serving others.

    I could talk to her about anything and she would listen or laugh or advise with the perfect response. She comforted me through miscarriages, I could count on heartfelt responses of true empathy.

    She was a baby whisperer that loved her grandkids and great grands and always wanted to hold the babies. So, when my girls finally arrived, she adored them. Ffion and I would go lay on her bed and all giggle together. I just picture her smiling with kids on her lap and I’m so happy for her to get to know all the babies she lost here. Gram, can you hold mine until I can do the same? 💗

    She spoke so highly of everyone and assumed the best of people. She had friends in low places that she lifted up and friends in high places she kept grounded with a reminder of what mattered most. She loved all.

    I made a photobook of her life and planned to go Wednesday afternoon to give it to her. My mom called me that morning to tell me she had passed. Really bummed I didn’t go earlier, but I found it interesting that Sunday’s home church was about heaven and who lived there with Jesus. Ffion and I looked at her Photobook, pointing out people in heaven. They’re all with her now. How fun for them! We got her for so many years and now it’s their turn- her husband and parents and passed children, family and friends. They’ve been awaiting the day this joyous soul would breath her last here and join them in the work of heaven (which she’s going to do so well).

    Gram, you are so special. So thankful to Heavenly Father for the time he gave us with you. Life will not be the same without you and it’s going to be really weird not getting to walk back to your room and talk to you, but I’m so happy for you to be free of discomfort and getting to be with those who’ve been waiting for you. Thank you for teaching me to love like Christ, I will use you as the example of someone following His example and will always try to be like you. I will forever have happy thoughts of you that bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. When it’s my turn, I want you to be the first I hug. Love you so much!

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