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Laura Marie Pyper


Laura Marie Pyper, 52, passed away on July 25, 2020, following a seven-year battle with Liposarcoma. Laura was the oldest of four children and was born in September of  1967, to Raymond and Janet Young. She paved the way for her three younger siblings, Monica (Rob) , Brenda (Adam ), and Thomas (Ellen), while breaking all the rules and keeping her parents on their toes.

On May 5, 1988, Laura married her best friend and high school sweetheart, Kent Pyper. Their marriage was described by her children as Batman and Robin (Laura was Batman, of course). Their bond was a shining example of a loving marriage that withstood ups, downs, and everything in between. Kent and Laura were blessed with four beautiful children, who also broke all the rules and kept everyone on their toes: Marleigh  (Chris); Tayler ; Kent Pyper, Jr.; and Gage Pyper. Laura raised her children to enjoy life, push boundaries, and never settle. She was involved in every aspect of their lives and was a football fanatic, art admirer, music enthusiast, lacrosse maniac, marching band devotee, and mom to numerous fur babies.

Laura attended LDS business college in Salt Lake City and earned a paralegal degree. She worked as a paralegal and also helped Kent with his real estate and marketing businesses. Laura was an amazing decorator, marvelous at remodeling homes, and had an eye for design and color. Laura was a friend to everyone who met her and was known for lifting others’ spirits with her laugh and heartfelt compliments. She was recently asked why she gave compliments so generously, and she simply said, “I don’t have the energy to serve right now, but I can always give a compliment,” She could make everyone’s day brighter with just a few words.

Laura gave everything she had to her friends and family; sitting with babies in the middle of the night so moms could get a few more minutes of much-needed sleep; reading, laughing, and playing games with nieces and nephews with an endless amount of laughter; helping friends who needed someone to help take them from their lowest moments and bring them up again; and her influence and sacrifices were genuine and profound. She loved unconditionally and sincerely listened to anyone who needed to be heard.

Her happiest moments were with her family enjoying the beautiful lakes in Arizona or oceans in California. She was able to spend her last few weeks jet skiing and boating with her family. She fought her cancer for so long that she defied all of the doctors’ timelines. She is now able to rest and continue her compassion and charity on the other side of the veil.

Flowers may be sent to Bunker’s Garden Chapel located at 33 N. Centennial Way, Mesa, Arizona 85201.

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  • Sue Phelan and Jim Lewis

    Everything in the obituary was well written and oh so very true! Laura was an amazing woman, friend, sister, mom, and wife. The last thing Laura said to me after I had posted on FB some creation I had made was” The world could use more beautiful things”… well Laura, my dear friend the world has lost a very special and beautiful soul in you…”. So saddened by the news. My heart goes out to Kent, Laura’s siblings, her children and family during this very difficult time. All my love, Sue

  • Allie Nagy Tossberg

    Laura was an amazing person, and your family was so supportive and welcoming to me and Chris. I learned a lot about parenting from Laura – she was incredibly loving and nothing ruffled her feathers. I have many memories from our days as neighbors but had forgotten that Laura and another friend gave me my first full night’s sleep after having our first child Wilson. They took such good care of him and had a fun slumber party themselves. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. Our love to you all.

  • Susanne Steele

    I loved your Mom. She was incredibly positive and fun. I remember taking her for treatment a few times and the time in the car always went so fast cause I loved talking to her so much. The last good visit I had with her in person was in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby. I think we stood out there laughing and catching up for close to an hour while your patient Dad waited. I’m glad I have that fun memory of her and wish I could spend more time with her. What a great lady!!! Hugs to you all!!

  • Laura was amazing woman of great strength and dedication. I admired her ease to accept things and “go with the flow” with a smile on her face. I haven’t had a lot of contact since we moved from Ahwatukee, but I was so saddened by the news. We love you all and have remembered you in our prayers. We hope that you can feel peace as you work through this. Love, Julie Maxwell and family

  • Kathryn Wilkes

    Sweet Aunt Laura I will miss you! Thank you for your unconditional love and support during the hardest time of my life. While I was separated from my husband you called and checked me, you graciously assisted with our bankruptcy filing for free because you knew that we couldn’t afford it. You met up for lunches with me and gave the best hugs! You were such a positive shoulder to cry on. You were always so excited to see my kids and chat with them. They will miss your jokes and laughs. You had a way about you that made it easy to sit in difficult moments. You were not afraid of hard conversations. You also had a positive sense of humor that brought a lot of light and joy.

    My earliest memories of you was on the houseboat at Lake Powell. I was about 10 years old. I was having such a fun time connecting with my cousin Rebecca Bohn. You helped my prank her.. We drove the boat to the dock to pick her up and you told her that I had already left. She was so sad. Then I popped out from the back and we all laughed.

    When I moved to Arizona when I was 18 you always invited me over and were so supportive. I was having a hard time being away from my family and you were always there to love me.

    Our family will not be the same without you. Keep Chad company for us until we meet again.

  • David and Ursula Bohn

    Dear Kent and family,
    Our hearts go out to you and the children. We know how difficult battles with cancer are. Laura fought hard, relentlessly and always with great faith and optimism. We are sad with you at the great loss of your wife, mother, aunt, etc. – she will be greatly missed by so many. We always looked forward to a visit with you and Laura during our yearly trip to Arizona. We were very sad that we couldn’t make the trip to meet with you two one more time because of the Corona Virus. This virus has disrupted many lives and get togethers.
    Laura was a strong woman who spread a lot of love, good will and a listening ear to family and friends. Please know that you are in thoughts – we pray that you may feel the healing spirit and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
    With love, David, Ursula and family

  • Sarah Farnsworth

    Growing up, I spent every summer week and school weekend that was possible at Laura’s house. I was there so often that Laura gave me my own chore list and allowance along with her kids. She truly took me in as one of her own. I would get in trouble when I ate cookie dough out of the fridge or freezer, and would call my parents begging to stay a few more nights. I loved being in her home. On Sunday mornings when she woke up early to get all her kids ready, she always made extra time to curl and do my hair along with her daughter’s, even though she always told me “Sarah, your hair is so fine and so hard to curl!” She made EVERYONE feel loved, accepted, heard, and important. She gave the best advice and listening ear. She was the most loving and inclusive person I’ve ever known. She never judged, she loved and accepted everyone around her. I count myself very, very blessed to have known Laura and spent time with her. She is an example to all of us of who we should strive to be. She was an angel on earth throughout her entire life, and she especially is now. I love you, Laura. You are more loved and missed than you’ll ever know. Thank you for making such an impact on my life.

  • Kent & family, I am sorry for your loss. Laura was an amazing person and I always had a lot of respect and love for her. She truly was a great example for all those around her. Praying for your family that you can find peace until you are all reunited again. All my love, Nathalie.

  • Our family is so saddened at the loss of Laura. We met the Pypers through Wildcat youth football and they welcomed us like family. Your entire family is in our prayers and we love you. God bless you all.

  • Beat and family send our condolences and love to Kent and children and all our Pyper family. Even though we are far apart, we love and miss you dearly and are near to you in our thoughts and prayers. Love you all ! Beat and family

  • Kiran Vedantam

    Too soon! Heartfelt condolences. She was organized, passionate and decisive. Her contributions to our business signage is long lasting. Wishing peace and strength to the family.

  • Dear Kent, Marleigh, Tayler, KJ and Gage. My heart is broken for you all. I loved Laura and she was an amazing sister-in-law. She was always there for me and helped me so much with Chaddie. I am so grateful for our visit last November where we were able to get caught up on life events and laugh. It seemed like time had stood still as we chatted like the old days. My Sister Lonnie and my parents also send their condolences and love. Laura is loved by all of us.

  • To my aunt Laura,
    It’s wild to realize it’s been almost 4 months since our family and this world lost you. You were the constant in the pyper family. All of my childhood memories spent with my dad and the Pyper family involve you. I echo so much of what’s been shared, that you just loved. You just accepted. No questions asked. I remember feeling the most comfortable confiding in you about struggles or when I did something “bad” in high school. You held my hand as I mourned the death of my brother Chad. You listened. You validated. And you didn’t stop there. Throughout the years, moving away for college, you’d randomly call me up to make sure I was doing okay. You encouraged me to advocate for my mental health and seek treatment. I will cherish the last time I saw you, spring of 2020. You asked me when josh and I were going to get engaged, and that you couldn’t wait for our wedding. I wish more than anything that you could be with us next October. Thank you for your unconditional love and support.

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