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Lane Darnell Vance

03/22/1938 - 09/29/2020
Visitation Date: 10/08/2020
Visitation Time: 6-8 PM
Visitation Location: Bunker's Garden Chapel, 33 N. Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ 85201
Interment: City of Mesa

Lane Darnell Vance, our beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather completed his earthly journey on September 29, 2020, at his home in Mesa, Arizona, peacefully returning to his Father in Heaven.

Lane was born to Orwell Nicholas and Lucy Fryer Vance in Mesa, Arizona on March 22, 1938.
He married his high school sweetheart, Beckie Smith, in the Mesa Arizona Temple on June 14, 1957.  He graduated from Arizona State University and had a long and respected professional career as a C.P.A.

As an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he served in numerous callings including as bishop of Mesa 40th Ward and later of Heritage Park Ward.  He especially loved his time serving as scoutmaster to many young men. He and his wife served a mission for the church in upstate New York.  He was always very generous and kind, serving those in need.  He followed the example of the Savior, Jesus Christ, and had a firm testimony of Him.

He is survived by his wife, Beckie, five sons: Lyle (Kerynne), Chad (Michelle), Olin (Sara), Evan (Sharon), and Eric (Amanda), and five daughters:  Celeste (Jim) Goldthwaite, Laurie (Curt) Squires, Athena (John) Hatch, Crystal (Vance) Carroll, and Autumn (Mike) Mortensen, 51 grandchildren, and 86 great-grandchildren.  He is also survived by his brother, Leland, and sister, Myrna Johnson.

A viewing for friends will be held Thursday, October 8th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Bunker’s Garden Chapel, 33 N. Centennial Way, Mesa, Az.  85201.
A family only funeral service will be held Friday, October 9th at 10:00am and will be broadcast at http://mywebcast.churchofjesuschrist.org/events/mesaarizonastake

In lieu of flowers, friends may choose to donate to the Humanitarian Fund of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


  • Stephen and Carolei Phelps

    A cousin… and the very dearest of friends, has left us. Lane and Becki — you can’t say one without the other — have been our friends and mentors for 52 years this month. It was in October 1968 that Carolei and I moved into a home we at first rented and later purchased at 633 So Allen in Mesa. To our delight we immediately learned that we were just kitty corner from Lane and Becki on E. Marilyn Ave, and with them members of the Mesa 17th Ward. Our 2 year old son, Kent, was the same age as their 2 year old son, Chad, and our 6 month old daughter, Starlyn, was the same age as their little daughter, Crystal. Lane and Becki already had 4 children older than Kent, who was our eldest… but by the time we were both through, we each had a flock of ten children. And their children became our own children, and vise versa. With Kent and Chad Becki used to say that they were actually meant to be twins; but in His mercy, the Lord sent them to separate families!. It was sometimes difficult to determine who spent more time at whose home. About 5 years later, Lane and Becki pulled a fast one on us and moved to a larger home two blocks south on So. Allen Circle; but their plan to avoid us failed miserably, as we soon followed suit and bought a home just one door away from them. Those 12 years we lived close to Lane and Becki were happy ones. Lane was my mentor as a father, although I failed miserably in my attempt to mirror his patient and wise ways. Becki was the same to Carolei, who learned lessons from Becki that blessed our lives forever. Lane was one of those persons who seemed blessed with wisdom far beyond his years. I sought his counsel many, many times over the years. As his Bishop in the new Mesa 40th Ward, I leaned on his counsel as we met together in Ward Council Meetings, etc. When we were preparing to move our family to a larger home in Gilbert in 1980, the Stake President, Wilbur Woolf, asked for my recommendation for the person to be the new Bishop. I gave him the name of Lane Vance. He asked me if I had other people to add to the list, and I told him, “No,” that I knew who the Lord wanted to be the next Bishop. And Pres. Woolf agreed. The Sunday Lane was sustained, I sat in the congregation of Priesthood Meeting and observed him conducting with such ease, and finesse, that you would have thought he had been born for the job. And he was.

    When the time came for Lane and Becki to downsize, they could have found a home in a ward filled with former Bishops etc. where they weren’t needed so much; but they choose, intentionally, to move where they could offer their consecrated efforts to others for years to come… serving again as Bishop. My admiration for Lane and Becki in that decision knows no bounds.

    Through the years, we have kept in touch, and the bonds of love between us have never slackened. Lane even pretended to love my piano and organ music, and told me that he often played the recordings I had given him over and over. That was just Lane. He knew how to make people feel loved. I will miss him dearly. I only hope that when I die I can be “somewhere in the neighborhood” with Lane Vance… maybe the Lord will let me weed his garden, or empty his waste baskets, or something similar. Anything… anything to be with my friend once again. We love you, Lane and Becki, and EACH of your 10 wonderful children, with all our hearts! — Stephen and Carolei

  • Don and Patricia Jones

    One of the most Christ like individuals I have ever known. He was the combination of a good business person,fine,and kind that I have ever had the pledge to work with. He will be missed

  • Jerry and Tammy Van Cleve

    Sweet are the blessings and promises of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Farewell for a time dear friend, Lane Vance. Blessings of comfort snd peace to your family. With love and Hope
    The Van Cleve Family

  • He was my Bishop in the 40th Ward. We loved him dearly. A friend always and a man of great compassion

  • Shelley Guthrie Tiffany

    Bishop Vance was such a kind soul. What an example of humility, charity, patience, meekness and cheerfulness he was. He and Sister Vance have raised a wonderful posterity. Heaven gained a faithful angel.

  • Lane Vance is a relative of family. My grandparents are George and Garnet Standage. I am the owner of Heritage Lane Assisted Living across the street from Lane and Becky’s home and they both have been great neighbors and supporters of our little community helping those with mental illness. They have been tremendous neighbors and very supportive, never judging those we care for. I thank them, and I adore the people they are. We love your family and we offer our condolences in Lane’s passing. He was a very good, generous and magnanimous human being.

  • Chris and David Olson

    Our daughter, Sharon, is married to Lane and Becky’s son, Evan. They have been loving and kind parents and have loved our daughter. We were always impressed with their cheerfulness even when things were hard. They helped inspire us to serve a Mission and it greatly blessed our family like it blessed theirs.
    We will miss Lane but have faith in God’s plan for happiness. Someday we will be reunited with our loved ones and we cling to that end. We will also remember Becky in our prayers. They are great people and are so happy to have known them.

  • Anthony and Margaret Stephenson

    A very loving person who, when wrong, admitted that he was.
    Very christ like!
    He tried to emulate his father:. He shall be missed, but, I still feel like he is watching over his Ward families and friends, as well as his own.
    Condolences to all, and thank you for treating my family as your own.

  • Friendly, kind, comasionate-all things good. That was Lane

    Friendly, kind, compassionate-all things good. That was Lane Vance. Everywhere he went he brought sunshine.

  • Mel Stradling and Charlene Brown Stradling

    My parents knew Lane and Beckie and greatly respected them, and so I held them in respect before I knew them personally. To our great delight the oldest daughter of Virginia and Mel married into the Vance family and we grew to love and appreciate Lane and Beckie so much more. The are great examples of Christian living.
    Charlene has known Beckie Smith Vance since 1957, about the time Lane and Beckie married and enjoyed various activities with them.
    We both offer our prayers of comfort for Beckie and the Vance family. These are people to remember and emulate.

  • Kendra Alfaro Whittaker

    Our family was blessed immensely by the Christ like attributes of Bishop Vance (40th Ward). He emulated the Savior’s love to all those around him. Our deepest condolences go out to his dear family, especially Sis. Vance.
    “Well done, thou good and faithful servant…I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” Matthew 25:21

  • Ross Pearce family

    Lane Vance was our dear friend, Bishop and accountant. We are thankful to him for his great example, compassion, guidance and his sense of humor. We have known the Vance family for over 40 years and think of them as our own family even though we have moved and don’t see each other often, we will never forget their love to our whole family. We love their children and have watched them grow and progress to be wives/husbands, fathers and even grandfathers. Lane and Becky were so proud of you all. We are too. Love, Ross and Mary Lou, Mike and Heather Pearce

  • Brother Vance was a living example of charity and love. He lived the gospel of Jesus Christ and was a witness to others of our Savior’s love for all of His children. I will miss his gentle spirit. Rest in Peace, Brother Vance.

    The Mourner’s Hands

    The mourner’s hands did bear the bier with tender loving care
    Though worn and rough was the wood, the burden he did bear
    And in his mind he wondered, why such wood had thus been used
    When suddenly the carpenter stood before his view
    Now questioned he to that man, “Sir, why troublest thou me?”
    “To use a wood so rough and worn for one so loved as he?”
    Then in reply the stranger asked, “My son, lovest thou me?”
    And then in tears the mourner stood, his Savior he did see
    For used the Lord so rough a wood that once had been a cross
    For all mankind he hung and died that man would not be lost
    And though it were a still-small voice, the Savior he did speak
    “I am the resurrection and the life, for all of those that seek”

    ©1999 Brian Duffin

  • Cindy and Blair Packard

    Anyone in the presence of Lane could feel his constant kindness and his deep goodness. He radiated the love of Christ for everyone around him. We loved him as our bishop in the 40th ward. We cherish the special moments we have shared with members of the Vance family over the years. Each child is a wonderful legacy to this dear couple. They have the same kind of love and caring they learned from their parents.
    The funeral today was a beautiful, inspiring tribute to him and to Beckie and their family. We wish we could have been there in person to share some hugs. We send our love and prayers to comfort you and bring you peace at this tender time. Thank you all for the examples you are to us.
    with love and gratitude – Cindy and Blair

  • Today was the first I was aware of Lane’s passing. Need I say how a flood of growing up memories came in to my mind. The old Mesa Third Ward was our stomping grounds. Lane was the strength of several of us in the Gospel. He was indeed a shinning star. My only regret was not being in his Ward boundaries to continuely enjoy his spirit. May God be with Becky and the family until we meet again. 🌹

  • Lane was the Bishop of the Ward I attended in the 80’s. There was a period of time just prior to me joining the Navy ,that had it not been for him being there, I honestly would not be here now. I am two years too late to thank you in person Lane, but the sentiment and gratitude for what you helped me get out past will always be there. Thank you!!! Can’t say it enough. He is and will be missed!!!

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