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Jimmie JL Foster

11/09/1933 - 10/17/2019
Service Date: 11/02/2019
Service Time: 11 AM
Service Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Lakewood Ward, 2955 E. Frye Road, Phoenix, AZ 85048
Visitation Date: 11/02/2019
Visitation Time: 10:00 a.m.
Visitation Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Lakewood Ward, 2955 E. Frye Road, Phoenix, AZ 85048
Interment: City of Mesa Cemetery

Jimmie JL Foster, 85, passed away peacefully, surrounded by family, on October 17th, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.  He was born to John Elliot Foster and Lillian May Robinson in Amherst, Texas in 1933.  Jim led a very happy, active life filled with faith, family, friends and many activities, such as: serving his church, volunteering at the temple, playing and refereeing basketball and volleyball and dancing the jitterbug.

In 1964, Jim married the love of his life, Patsy Lue, at the Mesa Arizona Temple.  They lived out adventures across the country, relocating several times as Jim’s aeronautical engineering career flourished.  He developed the B52 wing launch system for the Sky Bolt Missile project for the Airforce and then went into the private sector.  There he was an innovator and lead engineer in the development and implementation of many of the autopilot and auto landing systems used in commercial and government planes over the past 50 years as they progressed from analog to digital and then to GPS based systems.  Through these efforts he likely helped save the lives of countless airline passengers around the world.  He was declared Engineer of the year by Rockwell International Inc when he worked for them.

Jim and Patsy celebrated over 40 years together before Patsy passed away in 2003.  Along the way, they raised their seven children, Gary Foster, Brian Foster, Sheryl Andrew, Allen Foster, David Foster, Diane Stephens and Kevin Foster.  All seven children succeed him and look to carry out his traditions.  His legacy will also continue through his 22 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Known for his playful sense of humor, unparalleled work ethic, practical disposition and faith-based principals, he will be missed by all.  Jim was a man of many talents, as he demonstrated that he could fix anything.  He is an inspiration to all that survive him.

The funeral service will be held at 11:00 am on Saturday, November 2nd 2019 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 2955 E. Frye Road, Phoenix, AZ 85048, with visitation beginning one hour prior to the service at 10:00 am.  Flowers may be sent to Bunkers Garden Chapel, 33 N. Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ 85201.


  • I would just like to bring up one of my favorites memories of my cousin Jimmy. When I was bout 8 years old, my father (Ace) and I were traveling back from a trip to visit aunt Mary and uncle Marshal, aunt Cidell, Uncle Ernest, Cousin Suzie, Doyle, Jerry and Claudett in Texas. Next stop was Uncle Johnny and Aunt Lillian in Murince Arizon. Last stop on the way home my dad said he wanted me to meet my cousin Jimmy at an Air Force base,I think was in New Mexico. When we arrived at the gate, we were treated like dignitaries. The soldier at the gate sent a car for us and escorted us to a location where some other airman were surrounded with a lot of trucks and radar equipment. They all seemed to be very busy checking all their charts and equipment. I had never met Jimmy before and asked my dad which guy was him? My dad said to be quiet and pointed him out to me. As I remembered him, he was a tall man dressed in an airman’s suit, hat and black laced boots. To an 8 year old boy, he looked like a 10 foot tall General. I was very impressed how serious and important he sounded as he directed others and someone on a radio. After about 5 minutes went by, he swiftly walked over to my dad and me. As he got to us, his serious demeanor broke to great big smile as he bear hugged my dad and asked, “is this my cousin Scott?” My dad said Scott, shake hands with your cousin. Jimmy proceeded to bend down to meet me. I didn’t know whether to salute him, shake his hand or hug him. He reached down for quick hug and said he was very glad to meet me.
    All of a sudden he changed back into his serious character. He put one hand on my shoulder and then pointed to the sky with his other hand. He said, “keep your eye on that area over there.” He stood up and walked back to the men who were scrambling around by the equipment and grabbed a radio. I kept my eyes peeled on the area where he told me to and within in just a few seconds, I heard a large rumbling noise. I couldn’t see where it was coming from,but I could feel it shake the ground beneath my feet. Then all of a sudden I saw it. A silver rocket with a plume of smoke from the horizon started to shoot up at an alarming rate. I took me a few seconds to figure out what the heck was going on. it was kinda scary and exciting at the same time.
    I watched the rocket as it rumbled clear out of sight. It was the coolest thing I”d ever seen or heard. After the shot was over, Jimmy came over to m and said, “howed you like that!? I My mouth was still hanging open and I just started laughing and saying, Do it again. Jimmy just laughed and said, No, just one today.
    after that we chatted for awhile and then he had to go. He gave me another hug and said how happy he was to see my uncle Ace and to meet his cousin.
    That was the one and only time I ever met Jimmy, and I’m truly blessed to have to still have such a fond memory of him. He made that day one of the most special days of my life.
    It just goes to show you how everyday one person could make someone else’s day a memory they’ll never forget. Thank you Jimmy, and travel well cousin.
    Love ya, Scott

  • So sorry for the loss of your beloved father. I know all of his children and grandchildren made him so very proud.

  • Sending my deepest condolences for the entire family. Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs!

  • I love and miss you so much grandpa, we will meet again one day… ❤️

  • Craig Glassmeyer

    When I think of Br./Bishop Foster, I have nothing but fond memories. He was a giant of a man, not because of his stature but because of his love, compassion, and energetic personality! When the Foster’s lived in Iowa, I spent many days and nights in their home, as I was friends with Allen and basically the whole family. He was such a great example to me, as a young man growing up in the Church. He was always very supportive of my family with all of our problems that we faced. Jim, was always ready to play basketball, volleyball, or softball, whenever it was tournament time! I and many of us here in Iowa have been blessed by him and all of the Foster family. His Mission continues on the other side with his sweet Wife, teaching the Gospel to those on the other side of the veil.

  • Jimmy will forever hold a special place in my heart. He was a man of integrity, faith and family. Thank you for sharing him with the Foothills Ward. Sorry to miss his service. I will be there in spirit!!

  • Catherine Johnson

    Reading this obituary, it is heartwarming to know so much of this man will live on in his children and grandchildren. I’m sad for your enormous loss.

  • Oh Bishop Foster – The memories, we moved to Cedar Rapids in 1978, He & his wife visited my home, when my husband was not a member of the Church. I was in the Primary and played organ & piano. He & Patsy came & shared their testimony. I’ll never forget him & his influence upon my husband, and then Patsy said, “Lyle, you already have a testimony of the gospel.” He joined about 5 weeks later, and our family was sealed in the Washington DC Temple in April of 1983. Bishop Foster said we would have double blessings. We did. We had Twins the next year. He & his wife really helped me grow and blessed our family in many ways. I’m sorry I lost track of them both. we loved their family & their example. Thanks for the memories. I’m sure we’ll meet again. How wonderful to know that families are eternal .God bless your family. With love, Jan Meyer

  • Cindi Manwaring

    We truly loved the time we knew Jimmy. His love of life and being engaged in youth sports. It kept him young. Here is one experience I haven’t shared with many that involved him. In our neighborhood there was this white elephant house which was painted a hideous yellow. I was driving west on Chandler Blvd. gaping at this monstrosity, definitely a distracted driver, hitting both left tires on the island flattening both. As I limped to the next street there sat Jimmy in his car ready to help. I was mortified but he reassured me that this could happen to anyone…yah right. He stayed with me until the tow truck came and took me home promising to keep this on the down low. It was really funny in hind sight. He will be missed for his kindness and positive attitude.

  • Chris Munson Merulla

    My deepest condolences to the entire family. Bishop Foster was one of my all-time favorite Bishops. He was my bishop at a crossroads in my life and was always so very kind and compassionate. What a truly wonderful man!!!

  • He was such a sweet and kind man. We loved being around him!

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