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Jason Philip Woody

12/17/1984 - 10/06/2019

Jason Philip Woody – A man to be remembered for the way he lived his life.

In his short 34 years, he melted hearts and left his fingerprint forever. He was the kind of husband to draw his wife, Heidi, a candle-lit bubble bath and leave her in peace on a hard day, or to hide a note for her to find in her suitcase.

An irreplaceable Daddy that spent his every spare moment making sure his son, Landon, learned to ride a bike before Jason had surgery on his brain; who learned a dance to perform with his sweet baby girl, Norah, on stage even though he could hardly remember simple details in his daily life, or get dressed on his own; and supported his oldest son, Taylor, on the sidelines of his football game. Even though he was too sick to move or hold his head up, he wouldn’t miss a moment.

As a friend, he would call to tell you how important you are in his life, help you when you felt lost in your path, and offer an understanding hand no matter the road you were traveling.

He is a treasured and oldest child who would take his Mom, Mary, for pedicures and lunch because he wanted her to feel special. He would never leave the side of his Dad, Philip, if life would allow endless garage projects and work in the sugar-beet fields.

He was a missionary that never needed a tag, with scriptures always in his truck, though he served in the West Indies for two of the best years of his life— second only to becoming a father, he says. He shared his love of the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone and everyone who wanted to hear.

And more importantly, he taught by how he lived his life. He was someone to watch and learn from in his calm and welcoming demeanor. His role as brother to Drew and Chase meant missionary lessons at his bedside, pulling nails from a toe and teaching card games with strong protection and praise over his beautiful sisters —  Kacie, Hannah, and Jill. He knew no difference between blood family and the family he married (The Roses). He would be there to help you chip out tile, pour concrete, build you a Halloween coffin, or move a couch you couldn’t lift on your own. He loved unconditionally and served at your needs behind the curtain. In life, he named a hero — and the person he couldn’t wait to see in heaven was his Grandpa Woody.

In the workplace, he managed with kindness and shared his check if that week you were short, even if it meant sacrifice for himself. He understood that life is about loving people and money did not matter. He believed all things could be solved from the lyrics of a country song, and listened to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sundays while he made bacon and eggs with green chiles.

His vices in life were simple and pure: card games, White Monster, any fruity candy, Jalapeno Bucks, The Pork Shop, college football, The Diamondbacks, snowboarding, Lake Powell, and building things with his hands.

The events in his life that taught and shaped his mottos were:

-While living on a sugar beet farm — that simple life is something to strive for.

-While playing high school and college football — it takes a team for everything.

-While serving a church mission — forget yourself, and everyone is a child of god.

-Lucky 17 — a number in his life that showed up always with luck attached.

-Marrying Heidi — love someone the way they need to be loved, and always be slow to anger.

-Becoming a Dad to Taylor, Landon, and Norah — there is nothing more important than forever families, and spending time together.

He was humble and talented in many areas, but he will be remembered for his wake board tricks, athleticism, engineering everything with mathematics, his closet drawing and Impressionism skills, and unforgettable one-liners—-listed below:

Mmmm, good toast

Heyyyy you guysss

I sure love you

I see said the blind man and he peed into the wind… it’s all coming back to me


Dang girl

Leiutenant Dan… ice cream

The Monday Monday song

Come on ice cream!

You got that right

It’s well worth it

I’m not sorry, because that means i won’t do it again.


Shoooo weeee

Merrrrrly chrimas- like grandpa Woody


See you on the flip side


Now you’re talkin

Ah dang duke

Whoooo dogger

I want a Beer and see something naked

Doin well

Well worth it

That’s awfully rude

What can i say but say your welcome

Who call my name?

Come on cleatis!

You are what you eat!

Hi sweetie! My sweet baby girl

Hey brothers!

Hi baby!

It’s hard to be that guy

Hope to see you sooner than later

Yeah that’s nasty

I’m thankful for you in my life

Jason suffered Brain Cancer with a smile from October 6, 2016 to the morning of October 6, 2019, when he left this life with his wife, children, favorite nurse, and parents by his side at their home in Mesa, Arizona. Heidi was humming their song to him, “To Make You Feel My Love,” with her head on his chest as his strong and valiant heart took its last earthly beat — a treasured moment she will keep close in her heart as the last act of service she could give to the love of her life.

He taught her a life marked by true service and loving someone through all their forms. In this trial they have accepted with grace and understanding, she and their children have formed a non-profit 501(c)(3)  foundation in his honor: “Project 17.”

The foundation will collect funds to serve as Jason served, with the number 17 as the theme  — in hope of keeping his kindness alive.

Their first project will serve 17 families on their road to healing —finding peace by looking outside of themselves and tending the needs of others on personal levels.

In lieu of flowers, please consider these options to help: direct donation at any Chase Bank, account #714597192, Venmo account @heidirosewoody, PayPal account Woody-rose@hotmail.com.

Donations to the children’s education funds may be made payable to Primerica Shareholder Services with a memo: Taylor, Landon, and Norah Woody, and mailed to Bryan McClure, 3035 S. Ellsworth Road, Suite 146, Mesa, AZ 85212.

And finally, tax exempt donations to Jason’s service organization can be made payable to “Project 17” and dropped at the funeral donation box, or mailed to Project 17, 1423 S. Higley Road, Suite 127, Mesa, AZ 85206.

The service given to the Woody family through these hard years is pages long, creating an unforgettable book of blessings, and a testament that Jason was a man who touched lives and helped many. He was known for saying, “It’s hard to be that guy sitting in the bed when I want to be that guy out mowing someone else’s lawn.”

It is our hope to serve for him, as he served, and to model for the children to walk as he walked. Please join us as we celebrate the life of this revered and family-devoted man, Jason Woody.



Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

3440 S. Signal Butte Rd. Mesa, Az 85212

Six to Seven Thirty

For family: BBQ dinner at 5 prior to viewing


Friday, October 11, 2019

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

3440 S. Signal Butte Rd. Mesa, AZ 85212

Eleven to Twelve

-Family Prayer to follow


Cowboy Boot Memorial Service 

Friday, October 11, 2019

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

3440 S. Signal Butte Rd. Mesa, AZ 85212

Twelve Thirty in the Afternoon

***Jason loved his boots, wearing them every day, even in the summer, and has requested that guests wear their favorite boots to his services. If you wish, please bring a typed or written story or memory to put in his book – short or long, to help the children remember their Daddy. You may also mail these directly to the family


Sunset Burial 

Friday, October 11, 2019

San Tan Memorial Gardens

22425 E Cloud Rd Queen Creek, Arizona

Five Thirty in the Evening



  • I first met Jason in March of 2005 when we were assigned as missionary companion in Barbados. I immediately knew that we would be friends for life. We shared a love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the people we served, the beauty of the land where we lived, sports, good food, and good laughs. I saw Jason work miracles in the mission field by his faith. He strengthened my testimony. He always had a good joke ready when times got hard to keep my spirits up.

    After returning home from our missions, we were separated by many miles with me in NC and him in AZ. We kept in touch. I stopped by his parent’s home when visiting some family in AZ in December of 2006. His mom gave me his old HS football t-shirt which I still wear to this day. We attended weddings of mission buddies together and he and Heidi even made the long trip out to NC when I got married in June 2007. I remember making a work trip out to AZ for the Fiesta Bowl and he and Heidi and their two little boys came to visit me at my hotel, just to say hi and catch up. Every time we saw one another, or texted each other, it was like we had never spent anytime apart.

    Jason is a man of great love and great faith. I am honored to have spent a few months with him laboring for the Lord in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I pray that Heidi and the children will take great comfort in knowing their husband/father was true and faithful and loved by so many.

  • Sorry for your loss of your husband, father, son and son-in-law, friend and brother. May God’s peace and love permeate each if you and sustain you through your grief…

  • Joanie Whitfield

    Jason was truly a great friend. He was a noble, humble, kind, fun, and honorable man. My love goes out to him family and friends. Love y’all

  • Love concurred all. Best son in law a father could ask for his daughter and grandchildren. Honor this great man by living as he lived. Do hatd to accept the expected. Love you all.

  • Adele Partap Dudhnath

    Rest in peace my son my memories of u i will always cherish. U came into my life when i was lost and u brought me bk on the right path i always told u i could feel the holy spirit around u now u are in his arms no more pain my son. I wont cry cause i know u wouldn’t want me too. Flying high with the angels.

  • Lisa (Allen) Huntzinger

    To Mary and Phillip: please accept my and my families deepest sympathy in this saddest of times. I will always remember the wonderful times our families had together when our children were so little in Dixon. Our hearts and prayers are with you all.

  • What a blessing it was to have you as an uncle. Your sweet babies will forever know their daddy as a hero. I love you uncle J💛 See you on the flip side.

  • Billy... 68yrs soon

    … dear Jason
    I am very honored to have met you briefly young man ! … your Heart. Mind.
    Soul is huge ! … I’m sure your boots can never be filled by a better man !
    What a life legacy you have accomplished in half the time !

  • Kenneth P Smith

    I knew Jason and Heidi through my daughter and son in law, Hillary and JD Darner. They are dear friends of Jason and Heidi. I feel the loss. I observed Jason to be an exemplary husband, father and friend. I observed Heidi help Jason fight an un-winnable battle, but together, because of their faith, beliefs and covenants, they will win the war and be an eternal family. I will miss the services as I am speaking at BYU on Friday, but I am going to dedicate my talk to Jason and Heidi, and their children. With much love, peace and the promised comfort that only the true and living God can provide. Ken and Minyon Smith

  • Jason was one of my first and biggest role models growing up in High School. Being younger than him, I always remember him standing tall and being everyone’s friend. I’ll never forget the day I was brought up to the practice squad with varsity football at Highland. Next play, here comes Jason running right at me, pretty sure right over me. Jason was a beast, but such a nice guy with no shame. After he runs you over, he helps you up and tell’s you “great hit”. Jason Woody, The Man’s Man, dang hard worker, and of the chain on the wakeboard, amazing a father! You are missed and are loved by so many. Your kids must be so grateful for the opportunity to have you as a father. Jason seemed to always have a smile every time I saw him. Much Love Jason, your family couldn’t ask for a greater guardian Angel. My Love goes to the whole Woody family. And I’m so grateful to have known Jason in the times I did, and am a better man from it, thanks Jason for being you and so freaking Awesome, Love you man. See you other side.

  • I first met Jason as a small child babysitting him. He was always loving and help me with the younger kids
    I will forever treasure those moments moments for always and forever. I’m so proud of the man he was and the man he became. Love you guys and my heart is full of peace that he is in heaven and with our lord God. To the family my thoughts and prayers are with you. I you all so much!!

  • My deepest condolences. I have nothing but great memories of my early childhood friend. I remember boats, sugar beets, a trampoline and smiles.

  • This was so inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing an amazing life of a great man who loved and served.

  • I had the privilege of being the Woody’s hometeacher while they lived within the Freestone Park Ward boundaries. It was always a pleasure to visit Jason and his family. I appreciated that Jason called his family (particularly his children) together to hear the message and was always mindful of his boys and explaining to them the message whenever there was a need to clarify something. He was always patient with all and welcomed us to his home with a smile on his face. Hope his children will remember and model their lives after Jason’s, who was doing his best to model his life after Christ’s life.

  • My memories of Jason are surrounded with him doing flips into my swimming pool during high school summers, witnessing the crazy shenanigans he and his boys would get into, and on occasion join in with them. Playing hide and go seek with our vehicles high beams at night, and taking someone’s moms suburban mud romping into 360’s and up a dirt mound, to just name a few. He was an adventurous one!
    I remember Jason always saying “silly billy,” in a funny voice and being kind to those around him.
    I remember sitting in the temple after I had been married a short time and I just so happened to be in the same temple session as Jason. He had just returned home from his mission and was absolutely glowing with the spirit! It was amazing to see that spiritual growth in him. He greeted me with a big hug and I will always remember that.
    My new husband (at the time) had a chance to get to know Jason playing football at MCC, and at the end of their season, my husband and I, were planning our move to Virginia to continue football and college. After one of their last practices my husband Luke and I suggested to Jason to come and play ball there too. Jason gave us his big smile and said, “Nah, there is this girl I want to marry.” I’m pretty sure Jason had seen his future and knew of Heavenly Fathers plans for him.
    Heidi what a beautiful life you all created together, it was wonderful to see that, even from the Facebook world. Rest in peace dear Jason. You were a good friend. 🖤
    Niki and Luke

  • Jason married one of my closest friends, Heidi. He immediately made himself known to us by how kind and caring he was. Truly an example of how to receive the countenance of the Savior and exemplify Him in all we do. How truly humbling it must be to be wanted and needed so dearly on both sides of the veil.

  • This was an inspiring message about an inspiring individual and family. I’m grateful to know that love is real. Families are forever!!!

  • Kenneth Pluff and family

    To a man I never met, but someone who has inspired me to make a stand in my life starting right now. Just reading about someone so full of love and understanding makes my heart hurt for his family. Many prayers from my family to yours. I pray you find everything to once be happy again, and God bless you all. I will pray 🙏 for you

  • Mike Manweiler ( Dave Woody ) son

    I new him as a young child maybe 5 or so at that age
    He was the sweetest kid I think I have ever met
    But he was my cousins so that’s probably had a lot to do with it .still I often thought we would meet again with the lords will . you all are in my prayers .

  • Yvonne Michelle

    I didn’t know Jason or his sweet family personally. However, I knew his dad Phil, who worked with my former spouse many years ago. I happened upon this news on social media last night & have had the Woody family on my mind all day. I’m so sorry for your loss, and am sending heartfelt thoughts your way. May you find strength, comfort and peace.

  • Forrest Phelps-Cook


    I wish I could somehow comfort you
    to help you through your pain;
    but this journey is yours alone,
    so I’ll pray you’ll be sustained.

    I’ll pray for heaven’s angels
    to hold you through this night,
    until at last you find your way
    back into peace and light.

    May memories of time now past
    give solace through each tomorrow,
    may our Father up in Heaven bring
    you peace to ease this sorrow.

    © Forrest Phelps-Cook

  • Jeri Lynn Sorensen

    I so wish I could have met your beautiful Jason. His is the most beautiful obituary I have ever read. Such a lovely tribute. I know and love his daddy Philip, and his entire family from growing up in Dixon. I find comfort in knowing that Jason is home with The Lord, his sweet Grandparents Merle and June, and laughing nonstop with his Uncle Joe. May God give you all peace and comfort. RIP precious servant ♥️

  • Joshua Salgado

    I’m about five years late, but I’ve been thinking about Jason recently and how such terrible things can happen to such amazing people. He was the best basketball coach, example, and father to my best friend Taylor. Unfortunately, there will never be someone who can even come close to comparing to Jason’s kindness and faith. Taylor, I know you’ll probably never read this, but I just want to tell you how amazing of a friend you are, and I know your dad would be so infinitely proud of you and the things you’ve accomplished over the years. I’m so thankful for the short time I had to get to know Jason and for how well he taught and led his family in the church during his mortal life, and I know he’s continuing his teaching in the spirit world. This is not the end for Jason, but the beginning of the eternal chapter of his life. I’ll see you on the flip side Brother Woody. 💙

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