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Gregory Greenwood Horne

06/29/1949 - 02/16/2018
Service Date: 02/23/2018
Service Time: 11:00 AM
Service Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2549 N. 32nd St., Mesa, Arizona
Interment: City of Mesa Cemetery

He heard the angels singing, “Come Follow Me,” and with a humble and grateful heart a loving husband, father and friend returned to his Heavenly state to be with those who have gone before.   Gregory Greenwood Horne, Sr., passed away in his wife’s arms of 45 years in the early morning hours of Friday, February 16, 2018 at his home in Mesa, Arizona.  He was 68 years old.  

Greg completed his mission here on Earth with great faith, love and honor to the eternal values he held dear.  He discovered he had Parkinson’s over 10 years ago and knew he wanted to set a good example of how to treat adversity with gratitude and humor.  He did an amazing job.  He wore many different hats during his earthly journey and had integrity in all he did.  He loved all his church callings and the service he rendered, especially with the Boy Scouts and being able to share and participate in that program with his sons.  He loved how his three daughters enhanced his life with femininity and fun.   

As each of Greg’s nine children married and started families they enriched his life and gave him 34 beautiful grandchildren.  His greatest happiness and joy was in seeing how his children blossomed in this world and are imparting their thoughtfulness and kindness to their families, friends and those in need.  Greg’s favorite songs were “I Am A Child of God” and “Give Said The Little Stream.”   He hopes his posterity will remember to embrace that capacity to love and give freely of their talents to others as he did in his life.

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 from 6 to 8pm a viewing will be held at Bunker Funeral Home, University Chapel, 3529 East University Drive, Mesa, AZ 85213.   

On Friday, February 23, 2018, there will be an additional viewing from 9:30 to 10:30am at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 2549 North 32nd Street, Mesa, AZ  85215.  At 11am, a ceremony to celebrate Greg’s life will begin.  A graveside service will follow at Mesa Cemetery, 1212 North Center Street, Mesa, AZ  85201.   

If you feel so inclined, the family would very much appreciate you signing the online guest book and leaving a memory you have of Greg.



  • The world has lost a great man and the heavens welcomed a great man. I’m very grateful for the Horne reunions growing up. I loved Greg. He would always greet me with open arms. Anytime I saw him once those ended, he was the same way. I’m so impressed with the family Greg and Debbie have raised. The Greg Horne family is full of wonderful people. I just want Aunt Debbie and all my cousins to know that I love you and hope you can find some peace in this huge loss. You have another amazing gaurdian angel! Love, Shauna

  • Words cannot express the emotions I’m feeling right now as Greg was an exceptional human being and I’m so glad that I was able to call him my friend. Last night I had the most wonderful dream – he came to me as I was sitting in a restaurant and said he just stopped by to say good bye! It was so real and I feel that I got the chance to say farewell to a wonderful man. He will be forever in my heart. God bless him and his wonderful family.

  • During my interview with IPRO, Greg and Jim took me to Costco for lunch. I was somewhat worried. Later I was told that “Greg must have really liked you to get a hot dog at Costco!” Great Mentor!

  • Of the many memories I have with Uncle Greg, I think my fondest are from my youth, and going every 4th of July with him, my dad, and the cousins to see the fireworks in Washington DC! Those were such fun times! Our family was blessed to get to live near Greg and Debbie and have such fun times as children growing up together. I will miss that big teddy bear uncle!

  • As a young kid my family would always drive up to Greg’s home in Vienna, VA for thanksgiving. I looked forward to visiting with him and his family every opportunity we had. Their home was always full of fun and I cherish the memories made there and with Greg and his family. Once after their move to arizona we visited them over thanksgiving again, and we all went out to ride 4-wheelers in the desert. It was my first time and was so much fun! I will miss him and his big personality.

  • Chris Tantayanurak

    My sincerest condolences to the Horne family.

    Growing up in the same neighborhood as the Horne family was awesome.I will always remember Mr Horne’s red Porsche and the entire Horne family. I consider myself a better person having known them in my childhood .

  • All our love and prayers for peace and comfort at this tender and difficult time.

  • Horne family, My thoughts and prayers are with your family as you get through these tough times ahead without Greg. I met Greg and Jim 17 years ago, at their very first Innovations Conference in AZ. I attended every year after that and he always remembered who I was, what vendor I worked for. He welcomed me with a hug and a genuine “It’s great to see you…how have you been.” Two years ago a colleague and I got the privilege of hooking up with Greg and Jim as a group at Top Golf and let me say…Greg put all three of us to shame. We had a great time and that is one memory I will always hold near and dear to my heart. We sat there for a long time just talking and laughing. At one point it was time to take his meds and his hands were shaking so much he could not get them out of his wallet so he hands it to me and ask me to get it for him. Of course I did and as I handed it back to him said “I’ve never been through another mans wallet before” he giggled and thanked me for helping him. It was that night that Jim told me that if he doesn’t take his meds he can give the best back scratches ever! Greg was truly and inspiration to me by not letting the Parkinson’s take him down…it may have slowed him down (very little) but did not stop him. He was loved by so many and will be greatly missed. May you rest in peace my dear friend…until we meet again.

  • Prayers for peace and comfort for the Horne family. Will miss his big personality. We did not interact all that much while at IPRO, but I found it astonishing every time we passed in the hall that he would remember my name. I honestly appreciate his and Jim Kings view on family and how important family was to them. One last thought, he had one hell of a walking stick!

  • I am so sorry for your loss. Uncle Greg was a great man. I remember being invited by him to go to an ASU football game as a teenager and we went into the Life section and was able to have free food and everything. He was always asking about how ASU was doing and what the team was looking like. He was always willing to welcome me into his home and i appreciated that.

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful man with the entire Horne clan. Greg worked diligently for all of us. The knowledge and mastery behind his decisions for the family assets will be sorely missed. He taught the value of working both hard and smart. I was lucky to have served under his tutelage in the years after Grandpa Horne died. He was a master at his trade and taught that to all who had the benefit of working with him. He was helpful to my dear Mother in some of the darkest times of her life when we were children. My deepest and sincere love and gratitude to Greg and the amazing and outstanding family he raised. I am certain he will carry on and be with each of you always. Much love, Sean

  • I was saddened by this news. I worked for IPRO and Greg was always generous and supportive. My wife and I visited Greg and the family at Christmastime in Vienna, and enjoyed sharing the wonderful family feeling of their home. And, several years later, when we visited Phoenix, my three then-young sons and I hit the desert with Greg and Jim King for a day we still talk about. I spoke to two of my boys today and they both instantly remembered that wonderful day and how nice Greg was to them – and how much it meant to us then and now. It’s a day we will never forget.

    My sincere condolences to Greg’s family – and to all those he touched. I am proud to have known him.

  • Monte and Darby Gingery

    Greg was a Peach of a guy and we will miss him. We are saddened by his loss and for the loss to Debbie and his family. He will be in our thoughts and prayers.Godspeed.

  • Becky Horne Jackson

    Dear Debbie and family,
    How my sibs and I will miss Greg. You both have always been so good to and interested in us & treated us more like brothers and sisters than cousins. I remember how wonderful it was to see you periodically when I was at BYU & you were living in the tree streets, close to my dormitory at Deseret Towers. I think I may have even tended for you now and then. I was amazed when you told me how late (2am or so) Greg stayed up working-that was impressive to me. His work ethic and generosity blessed me and many others, no doubt. We were so happy when you moved to Vienna and we had extended family living close by in Virginia! Greg always seemed genuinely interested in whatever I was doing and made me feel extra special…in reading the above comments, I suppose that was a gift he gave to many. You were so supportive of Mom over the years – I’ve been scanning her pictures and you both are present at various dinners and birthday celebrations. I will miss Greg’s bear hugs, his attentiveness, and the periodic catching up I enjoyed. Please know of my love and gratitude for both of you during this very tender time. Com muito amor, Becky

  • Debbie and Family,
    Ditto to what my sister said. I remember doing some of that babysitting in college too. I so appreciate the love that Greg and you have given to us over the years. I remember how special I felt when he married you, because you were able to carry on my name, ‘Debbie Horne’. What an honor! We so appreciated staying for you and Greg, two years ago when our son, Sean was married. It was so good to see Greg and you and hear of all your experiences. We will greatly miss a wonderful cousin. I sure wish I could have attended his funeral. I just know the ‘Horne’ reunion in Heaven is going to be spectacular! Love you and family, Debbie (Horne) Wise

  • Dearest Debbie and family –
    I can hardly imagine how hard the last while has been for all of you – Greg has been an awesome family member, always willing to take us and so many others into your home. We have so many wonderful memories of his part in our lives, and you too. What a blessing and example he has set for all of us. Even at the hardest of times he was always cheerful and willing to give big hugs. He will be so missed by so many. I’m looking forward to the time that I will be able to spend with you – we love you very much – you are a very precious sister. Keep your faith and trust in God, and He will walk you through all that is happening in your life. He loves all of you, so much more than we can begin to understand. All our Love – Harvey and Valerie

  • Dear Debbie and family,

    I know I’m an “outlaw” (I married the other Debbie Horne) but Greg was always had arms and home wide open. I really am thankful for the hospitality of you both. It is always sad to lose “one of the good guys” but I am certain you will find peace in knowing that he was in fact very good, and that he’s not lost to you and us forever.

    You are in our prayers.


  • Les and Claudia King, Ohio

    Claudia and I were stunned to hear of Greg’s passing. My brother Jim, Greg’s business partner and friend since childhood, told me last week how close Greg was to returning to his family. I too was a friend and business associate with Greg and will miss his friendship and encouragement. I remember visiting Greg and Debbie in Virginia and Greg showed me around his home that I had heard so much about. He made sure I saw his home theatre where we watched ‘days of thunder’ and marveled at the sound and sight of the first truly big screen I had seen in a home. Our love and prayers to all his children and siblings.

  • Liz and Horace Derrick-Grant

    Had no idea how deep I feel about a family member. Even though we are not there, I will always remember the way he handled his personal physical adversity during my visit. Sudden “softness” with dignity, poise and grace. MWas amazed at my feeling of comfort and ease sitting and hanging out with him in spite of his afflictions. I will never forget that and I feel a whole in my heart right now . I feel my family connection and spirit so strong . What a strong presence he will always be . Loved witnessing the tenderness brought on by Fatherhood and his love for Mom and especially his precious wife Debbie.

  • Liz and Horace Derrick-Grant

    Had no idea what a strong impression has been made on me . His example of softness, dignity, poise and grace with always be with me. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease during our last visit amid his physical afflictions. That will forever stay with me along with his generosity and acceptance of me. What a great example he was during his trials.

  • I had the privilege of working for Greg & Jim for over 20 years at Ipro. During this time span, we watched our children grow, became grandparents and shared the loss of our parents. Greg was always supportive, kind and understanding of the time needed or challenges for these life events. I have so many great memories of this wonderful man and his family. Some of my favorite Ipro memories; Greg & Jim’s delight putting on fireworks shows at Lake Powell for a group of us, his Harley pics used for Ipro posters and the smile on his face when I brought him his own portion of the fudge I make every Christmas. I admired his business acumen, was amazed how he crunched numbers in his head so quickly, loved his sense of humor, zest for life and the love for his family. My most heartfelt condolences to Debbie, his children and grandchildren for your loss.

  • Greg will be missed. Our prayers and best wishes to his family. His and Jim leadership is one of the primary reason our company has/had so many loyal members. There really are not enough words to express our sorrow at this passing but also our gratitude to have had the honor of knowing him.

  • Uncle Greg is a person I Love and whose life should be celebrated. His smile always lit up any room. I remember when I was a kid he invited me to take a ride in his 80’s model mustang with some of the cousins. That was a scary and thrilling ride and a memory that I cherish because he made me feel cool. Love and condolences to my cousins and Aunt Debbie in a difficult time.

  • Spencer and Ann Clawson

    We will miss, in this life, a wonderful man. I loved Greg–his kind and thoughtful nature. He was an example of goodness and it was always a joy to be with him. While we moved from Mesa a few years ago, the memory of times with him have made a lifetime of impact. Our prayers are with you, Debbie, and your family.

  • My memories of Uncle Greg are mostly from my youth. I remember him as a fun-loving man with a big personality and a laugh to match. He was always a little larger than life to me and still is! My heart goes out to my Aunt Debbie and cousins. Your expressions of faith in his passing and in the difficulties you all have faced over the last few years have been an inspiration to me.

  • My condolences to the Horne family and Greg’s many friends. My warmest thoughts also go to the extended IPRO community and his life-long friend and business partner, Jim King. Jim and Greg gave me my first sales position many years ago at IPRO. I am forever grateful. I am also reminded of the towering Christmas tree and holiday cheer found in the Horne home in Vienna at Christmas. My thoughts are with you and yours at this time.

  • John and Jacqueline Olson

    Our family had the privilege of being neighbors to Debbie and Greg for almost a decade. There was an instant bond between our families, the moment we moved into the neighborhood. My children consider them grandparents and they treated my children like they were their own. We love your family! We will so miss Greg, and his loving nature. Debbie, we send our condolences to you and your beautiful family, and want you all to know how much the Olson family loved Greg!

  • Greg was a great man who along with Jim King, gave me opportunities I never would have had. Greg stood by me and supported through thick and thin. I owe a lot to this man. Thank you Greg, you will never be forgotten.


  • Rosalie Dalke-Warner

    Greg always said he was responsible for my having my own family (there is some truth to that!). He was willing to take a chance that I would be an asset to his company;the time I worked for him was some of the best and most challenging time. Learning from Greg has stayed with me. My heart is with all those who are feeling his loss.

  • Jennifer Lefevere

    I had the pleasure of working with Greg and Jim for over twenty years with Ipro. I always loved how Greg would always say hello when he saw you. More importantly, he was always available to talk whether it was business or personal. He was an amazing man. Greg was always kind, generous and loving. He will be missed by all of us who had the distinct pleasure of knowing him. My most sincere condolences to all of the Horne family our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  • J. Moore/Volunteer

    To the Family of Gregory Greenwood Horne,
    So sorry to learn about the loss of your Dear Loved One, Gregory. Please know that so many people share your grief with you to help you through this difficult time of sorrow. Please accept my deepest condolences as we await the time when Christ Jesus will awaken all those who have fallen asleep in death; including your Beloved, Gregory.
    (John 11:41-44)

  • Matt and Dana McLean

    We first me the Horne family when we were doing an internship in DC in 1990. When we moved to Virginia permanently in ‘92 the Horne’s became one of our favorite families. Between house sitting and having the Horne girls and boys in Young women’s and young men’s classes., we grew to love the whole family. We have always looked up to your family, thanks to Greg and Debbie for the great example of family life. Love you all and prayers for comfort during this time.

  • While I just recently learned of Greg’s passing, I was aware that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years ago. Such a young man, yet a gentle man and gentleman with a kindred spirit and kind soul. I managed one of Greg’s commercial properties for over 8 years and enjoyed working with Greg and his team. He always had a hug for you and a great sense of humor. I along with my husband, was invited one year to his beautiful home to view their wonderful holiday décor. A sight to see and a great memory. Sending love and peace to all his family.

  • Linda Killmeyer (Kurtz)

    Debbie and family, My deepest condolances to you all. I lost my father two weeks after Greg’s passing, so am walking the same path: knowing our loved one is in his heavenly fathers arms yet missing them like crazy. Blessings on you all. (BTW, I worked for Greg at SHFLP in Fairfax during the 80’s)

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