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Dwight C. Hullm

12/22/1950 - 02/12/2021

Dwight C. Hullm was born on Friday, December 22, 1950 to Helen and Wellington (Pete) Hullm in Detroit, Michigan.  Weighing in at only two pounds at birth, he was considered a miracle baby.

Dwight grew up in Farmington Township (now Farmington Hills) with sisters, Adrian and Tracey.  He was a bright and very active child with a vivid imagination and a smile ready for everyone. And he loved every sport he met.  Whether it was hockey on the neighborhood pond, biking, kickball in the front yard, softball on St. Paul’s Lutheran team or flashlight tag in the woods, he played with great enthusiasm-and always to win. He brought the same attitude to nearly everything. He was a devoted friend, a fun brother, a fierce competitor when he played board games and a storehouse of sports and historical trivia.  He made friends easily and often.  He was small but mighty.

He attended Middlebelt and Beechview Elementary and East Junior High.  While he was in Junior High, he was confirmed at St Paul’s. And when he started Farmington High School, he also started to grow taller, much to everyone’s delight.

He thrived in high school.  He joined the football team, basketball team and on the Cross-Country team he developed what would become a lifelong passion for running.  He was an Eagle Scout and was invited to attend Boys/Girls State summer leadership and citizenship program for High School Juniors. And he presided over Farmington High’s graduating Class of 1969 as the Senior Class President.

Dwight attended University of Detroit and joined the Detroit Mercy Titans Cross Country team. He made more friends who he recalled fondly for the rest of his life.  In 1970, he had an all-time victory against Lawrence Tech, running 4.5 miles in 26:27.

Dwight moved to Arizona with his friend Pete Sevin in 1973.  He held several jobs until he found his niche in 1974, working at the Arizona Training Program at Phoenix. He had great compassion for the children he met there, children with developmental disabilities.  He worked there tirelessly until the mid-80s. In 1986, he started at Chandler Gilbert ARC and for 35 years he devoted himself to the social and medical well-being of all his clients.  He spoke of each client with affection, deep insight and respect.  He held various positions at The Arc, including manager, director and his final position, Interim Community Living Director.  But most importantly, it was there that he met the love of his life.

Dwight met Marjie Hanna in 1997 and his whole world changed. On May 25, 2003, they married and he happily became a husband and father of three.  As usual, he embraced both roles wholeheartedly.  A consummate storyteller, he always had a funny story to share about his adventures hiking, fishing or just hanging out with one of the kids. And he adored his wife.  It was rare that he would be long away from her side.  They were a special couple that found great joy in one another.

Dwight loved his family deeply.  He would drop everything to help anyone, especially Marjie and the kids.  He loved being surrounded by friends and family, just as he did in his youth.  He kept in contact and would check in if he thought too much time had passed.  He treasured each moment and enjoyed life to the fullest. And when the grandchildren started to arrive, he became the proudest and most loving Papa on earth.  He would think of ways to spend time with them and, of course, make it a learning opportunity as well. His father-in-law once said that he wanted to come back as Dwight’s grandchild in his next life!  Such was Dwight’s love for them. He ran with them in races and took them on adventures every chance he had.  They were his greatest delight. And they felt the same for him.

Dwight continued to run to the very end.  He kept meticulous notes of his daily running and races in his race book.  He ran the Boston Marathon, the SF Marathon, Rock the Bay, PF Chang’s Rock & Roll, San Jose Turkey Trot, Fontana Days Run, Huntsman World Senior Games 10k.  He ran his last race, Pat’s Run, in April 2017.  But he ran his last three miles on Monday, February 1, 2021.

Dwight died on Friday, February 12, 2021.  We will miss him more than words can express. He was preceded in death by his parents, his niece Kayla and his father-in-law Don (Red) MacAfee. He left behind his loving wife, Marjie; dear step-children, Stephanie Hanna, Jason (Kaleen) Hanna, and Jaime (Jonathan) Carden; beloved grandchildren, Hailey, Nathan, Raelyn, Stryder, Alina, Kylee, and Sammy; cherished sisters, Adrian and Tracey and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, family and friends.  We will always remember him as a wonderful friend, a man of commitment and honor with a great sense of humor, a wealth of compassion, a wonderful laugh and an insatiable joy for life.




  • It is with great sadness I offer my sympathy to Dwight’s family. I am sorry for your loss, and mine. Yes, Dwight loved to tell stories. Please accept my condolences.

  • We had such fun with him and the girls, their friends in Farmington. It was a delightful time in my life and Dwight was such a big part of that. I always felt like a little sister to him and he always made me laugh. I miss my cuz and thanks for being a special part of my childhood…and my life.

  • Cheryl Y. P. Grigsby

    Sending condolences to you and your family Tracey. So sorry about your loss. Sending prayers, hugs, and love. Cheryl, Calvin, and kids.

  • Marjie, Tracey, Adrian, and all the many members of Dwight’s family; As both co-worker and friend of Dwight, I share my deepest condolences and may the strength of Dwight’s love for all of you carry you forward.

  • For as long as I remember myself I remember Dwight As part of that life All of my childhood memories are field with images of Farmington and fishing with my father and Uncle Pete. And add Helen and my mom making picnic baskets for our family outing. I remember family dinners out in Farmington holiday dinners. I will miss you my cousin my family my best buddy and my prom date. We have the best time.. I love you Dwight and miss you.

  • I will miss you Dwight. I am remembering all the good times we had growing up..you were the best prom date..we had so much fun that night..you were such a good sport..I will miss u buddy..love always an forever

  • Dwight’s caring spirit will live on with those he loved and cared for in his remarkable life.

  • I was saddened to hear of Dwight’s passing. He was always a bundle of energy. He loved to joke and tease, just so he could use those comical faces of his. My condolences to Marjie and family.

  • My dearest family Tracey, Adrian and Margie,
    I’m so saddened by another passing of one of our beloved family but reading through these heartfelt comments about crazy Dwight, he has continued to bring me joy. He certainly touched every soul he encountered along his miraculous and epic life. I’m so thankful for the picture of us at Oak Island, NC. and all the memories we made there. I’ll never forget it…May the peace of God always be your comfort. Love, P

  • Beautifully written tribute about Dwight and his wonderful life. So much I didn’t know.

  • Tracey, Sheila and family – Sorry to hear about the passing of your loved one! Know that you will see your dearest Dwight again! I’ll be praying for you all! God bless!

  • When I think of Dwight and remember him I think of his wonderful sense of humor and his ready laugh. He radiated that and I hope that warmth and memory helps carry you through in these difficult times. Sending so much love Marjie- to you and your family.

  • So very sorry for your loss. I was just speaking of him the other day

  • Dianne (Clayton) McIntyre

    I grew up living next door to Dwight & his family and enjoyed many days in play with him (along with my twin sister, Dawn). We attended school with Dwight from first grade on. Please accept my condolences on your loss. Dwight will be greatly missed and long remembered.

  • Dianne (Clayton) McIntyre

    I grew up living next door to Dwight & his family and enjoyed many days of play with him (and my sister, Dawn). We attended school together from the first grade on. Please accept my condolences on the passing of your husband, father, Papa, and brother. Dwight will be greatly missed and long remembered.

  • I grew up living next door to Dwight & his family and enjoyed many days of play with him (and my sister, Dawn). We attended school together from the first grade on. Please accept my condolences on the passing of your husband, father, Papa, and brother. Dwight will be greatly missed and long remembered.

  • He was our class president 1969..Farmington Sr. High. He will be missed.

  • Diane Hoppe Tyree

    To the Family of Dwight you are in my thoughts and prayers!! Dwight was loved by everyone at School and he will be missed in years to come!! And many fond memories to hold on to for all of you!! God Bless!!

  • Maria Angela LaPorte

    We all have such fond, unforgettable memories of Dwight that will be forever treasured in our lives. Since the late seventies, when I first met Dwight and a special group of people upon moving to AZ, I found another Brother. As a group and small family that was created at that time, we had a multitude of backpacking, yearly camping on the beach in November at Puerto Penasco, volleyball games at the park across the street, numerous gatherings and sharing life experiences, breakfast omelets on Sunday am, music…etc. Dwight was always animated, determined to achieve his goals,quick witted, definitely expressive…Many of the group had chosen a life commitment to help others and be a positive influence in this world. I have always admired Dwight for his perseverance and compassion for others and especially his devotion to the people that he served. He was definitely a Marathoner in many respects, and it doesn’t surprise me that he ran 3 miles on Feb. 12, 2021! My opinion is that he continues to run thru our everyday lives. Spirit lives on, and those fond memories are with us forever.
    Marjie, Family, and Friends…
    Express my sincere condolences and hope you will be free to reach out to all those that support you.

  • It remember him from Farmington high school always a nice hard working guy. I also remember his dad and Pete’s TV repair. Sending condolences and prayers for his family

  • Maria Angela LaPorte

    “The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.”
    Don Juan in “Tales of Power”
    Carlos Castaneda

  • Susan Postiff Lambeth

    Dwight was the greatest, it was an honor to attend high school with him. He loved to tease as much as I did. One morning he was sitting on the ledge, as all the athletes did and as I passed he made a teasing remark to me. So, I went over and told him , if he didn’t watch out I was going to give him a fat lip! Then I covered my face in embarrassment as he he replied “ well I don’t think it can get much fatter” . He was always Dwight, nothing more and we all loved and we proud to know him❤️??❤️ I have always wondered where he was, couldn’t find him on FB. I am so happy to know he touched so many lives with his loving spirit.

  • When I learned of Dwight’s passing, it was with heartfelt grief & sadness. Sincere condolences are sent with warmth and remembrances to all of his family members & friends. Dwight was a very special friend for over forty years and we shared in many adventures with the AZ. family. His laugh and antics will always be remembered. He was devoted and passionate to all of the loves that he embraced. Marathon man is now at peace and will be remembered forever as an exceptional warrior!

  • Karen Somers Kusey

    I am sorry to hear of Dwight’s passing. I was a schoolmate with Dwight at Middlebelt, East Junior High, and through graduation at Farmington High, except for two years when most of my friends, including Dwight, were transferred to the new school, Beechview, for 5th and 6th grade. Dwight and I were also classmates for Confirmation class at St. Paul’s. If he hung onto his confirmation group photo, I am the girl with my eyes closed.
    Dwight had an amazing life and has an amazing family. Thank you for memories of his life.

    Sincerely, Karen Somers Kusey

  • Hullum was a wonderfully put together human being and a great teammate. I will miss his youthful soul at all future Farmington Falcon Cross Country camps!

  • Dwight and I met when I became his roommate in 1974. We immediately hit it off and began to have some great outdoor adventures. Climbing Four Peaks proved to be more exciting than expected when Dwight decided to switch walls on the ice filled crevice we were climbing down. Once on the ice gravity took hold and he began hurtling down the mountain until Pete Sevin saw him coming and sat on him. Whew! Maybe that was the first of his nine lives, but I suspect there were others before we met.
    We did a lot of camping. On return morning we’d get packed up and then all the guys would piss on the fire to be sure it was out. Dwight would always wonder aloud if we’d be able to perform. I can tell you Dwight was always able to perform. He was a perpetual tease and when he had everybody laughing he’d tell us “What can I say, What can I say”.
    Now don’t be thinking Dwight was just a goof ball. To many folks surprise he was serious about many aspects of life. His running log would reveal the extent of his discipline. His staff can tell you his concern for the well being of the clients. He was non confrontational but you knew he meant business.
    On returning from a laughter filled motorcycle camping trip with fellow roommate and life long friend Steve Craig, Dwight said “When we die they’re going to put ‘They had fun’ on our graves”. What our graves say isn’t important, but to remember and celebrate a life well lived is what counts! Congratulations Dwight you won that race.

  • Dick OConnell

    Dwight was God’s gift to all of us. His energy and enthusiasm for life and sports endeared him to so many people. I’m happy to read of his many successes in life and sorry we have been out of touch for many years. I’ll always remember his smile with a joke and how we competed on the cross country team in 1967, what fun. My condolences to his family and may you rest in peace old friend.

  • Matsha and Barry Hatch

    Oh my, this is so heart breaking to hear of your loss and our loss of this wonderful man, Dwight. So many memories and ups and downs that he saw our family through in crisis. He was always so kind and calm and such a gentleman. The work he has done and you too, Marjie, with our beautiful special needs people is etched in our memories and our hearts. We are blessed because of his life and love of his work and his great efforts to help others. He will be so missed. Love to you and your family , Marjie

  • William J. Benton

    Marjie, Tracy, and all of the family – so sorry to hear of your loss. I came to know Dwight and his wonderful family as a team mate on the University of Detroit cross country team. Sometimes we would do runs from his house in then, Farmington Twp. and afterwards visit with his family. I was always welcome to stay for lunch or dinner and plenty of good conversation. in April, 1971 I organized a trip to the Boston Marathon with five other members of the cross country team. Dwight was there and posted a time of 3 hours, 26 min and 50sec. In Dec.,1979 I stayed with Dwight at his Arizona home in order to run the Scottsdale Marathon there. It was great to see him after a number of years out from U. D. From what I’ve read in his memorial, he had quite a life. He will be missed.

  • Stephanie O'Rear

    Rest In Peace my dear cousin! It was my honor to have known and loved you. The world will not be the same w/o you. To our families, the Word says, “Blessed and enviably happy [with happiness produced
    by the experience of God’s favor and especially conditioned by the revelation of His matchless grace] are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted! [Matt 5:4] Amen.

  • Maureen Loughlin-Cartmill

    I was trying to locate Tracy and Dwight’s passing flashed up. There are childhood memories that are so vivid. I lived down the street and would play with Tracey on the tire swing, be invited in to their home. I have a vision of Dwight teasing his mother and hearing his laugh. The Currier brothers would say how well liked Dwight was; Senior Class President.
    To Tracey and Adrian, I am so very sorry for your loss. To Dwights wife and family, I can only imagine how his absence resonates every day. God Bless. You are in my prayers.

  • Beth Schwartz Alavin

    Dwight was what we call a real “mensch”. He had class, dignity and aspired as a young man the attitude and attributes anyone of us would have aspired to. We were both from minorities living in Farmington . A Black and a Jew.. We had conversations that we spoke about often…regarding slavery and the Holocaust. History we uniquely shared about our ancestors. G-d be with you Dwight and may your memory be for a blessing. Zichrono Livracha.

  • Dwight was our class president at Farmington Sr. High. I live in Tempe Az. My prayers and angles to his family.

  • Carolyn Hagemann McCreary

    I went to Beechview Elementary and East Jr. High with Dwight. I lived up on Orchard Lake Rd, kind of kitty corner to his house on 11 Mile Rd. He was always a friend to me. Very kind. We split up for high school. He went to Farmington and I went to North Farmington. I kept track of him through high school. I went to some of his basketball games. But then I lost track of him after graduation. I knew he was in Arizona once we got computers and the internet but I never tried to get in touch. Last summer I decided that I wanted to reach out to him and was devastated to learn that he had passed. I have only good memories of him. Tracey was my brother’s age but I don’t know if they ever had a class together. I offer my condolences to Tracey and Adrian. And though we never met, I’m sure that Marjie is wonderful woman and I offer my deepest sympathy. I enjoyed the pictures included in the obituary. May he rest in peace.

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