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Della Jean Lukesh

06/29/1965 - 08/09/2021

 Some people only walk this earth for a short time. Their departure reminds us that angels are watching over us. 

On August 9th, Della Lukesh rejoined her heavenly family and gained her wings. She was 56 years old. 

Della was the proud mother of five children. She was mother to three biological children & she adopted two of her grandchildren after the death of her daughter, Kathryn. Della’s greatest love was her family. And all her children were proud to call her mom.

Della is survived by her father, Richard (83), her sons, Vincent (33) & Andrew (14) as well as her daughter, Angela (15). She also leaves behind two grandchildren, Anthony & Adrian and several brothers. 

She was loved by many & will be missed. “ 


  • I love you Mom!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • You will always be my best friend Della. I miss you so much. I will never forget you. Love you bestie

  • Hey mom I miss you and love u very very much I know I haven’t been a good boy but just now I love you and will never stop loving hopefully we will see another one day love you to the moon starts earth plantes Milky Way and beyond and back 😘❤️💜💜

  • Mayra mal tierra

    Mi más sentido pésame, y que dios te de la suficiente sabiduría para, que puedas superar tan lamentable pérdida, un abrazo

  • Yolanda Fletcher

    Love you my homie ❤ you will be forever missed..Fly High 😇

  • I love you MS. Thang. You are now your family’s guardian angel.

  • Can’t believe it’s been a month since you’ve been gone and even longer since I’ve gotten to talk to you. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve went for my phone to call you. So much has happened. If I’m being honest, I’m struggling mom! This hurts too bad.

  • You should be here. 😕

  • I just can’t believe it.
    Della you always were and always will be my friend. I love you the only good thing to come of this can be now you’re back with your mom and kat.
    Tell them I love them and miss them too

  • I can’t believe it’s already been a little over a year and a half. Things here aren’t the same without you. We all love and miss you very much…
    Your brother Ted went and made a mini dolphin shrine ( I helped of course ).
    You are very much missed.

  • Robert Edward Brobeck

    Hey sis, I just found this page. I freaking miss you soon much. Tell mom and Kat that I say hi and I love and miss them soon much. Love you too della . Thanks for leaving me here by myself thogh…

  • Andrew Lukesh

    Hey Mom I miss you so much each and every day more and more, the longer you’ve been gone the weirder things feel, Every day I feel an empty presence in my life because your not here, I Love You Too The Moon Stars and Back<333

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