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Lloyd David Smith

03/01/1931 - 01/24/2017
Service Date: 02/03/2017
Service Time: 10:00 AM
Service Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 3920 East Brown Road, Mesa, Arizona

Lloyd David Smith, 85, passed away January 24, 2017 in Mesa, Arizona.

A visitation will be held Thursday, February 2, 2017 from 6-8 pm at Bunker’s University Chapel, 3529 E. University Drive, Mesa, Arizona. Funeral services will be Friday, February 3, 2017 at 11 AM, with a visitation at 10 AM, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 3920 E. Brown Road, Mesa, Arizona. Interment will be at the City of Mesa Cemetery. Arrangements by Bunker’s Garden Chapel.


  • He was a great man. He had an impact on my life greatly in Vietnam. He was able to get Apostle Benson to come see me when I was in the 93 EVAC Hospital fighting for my life. His ability to arrange that, and his friendship watching over me and keeping in touch with my parents, gave me a lifetime example of service and caring which I have tried to emulate. He kept the faith even as the doctor’s told him to contact my parents and share that I might not make it. I am forever grateful.

  • My family and myself have so many memories about Lloyd. We are grateful to have had him in our lives for many years. His love for family was profound. His love for the Boy Scout program and keeping alive the memories of the Mormon Batallion was so admirable. All three came with sacrifices. He taught so many of us.

    I have a book he wrote about his life. I have a few cook books that I cherish, that he had printed up from his first wife Mary’s collection. He made these beautiful wall plaques for each one of my Eagle Scout sons. We were so blessed and enriched from being in his friendship.

    I will clearly remember him standing and testifying of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Sincerely, Our love goes out to all family members and dear friends at this time.

    Tom Harrison and family.

  • This evening the Smith family lost their patriarch, Lloyd Smith.

    I was blessed to have been the one that made him a grandpy. I was able to see him grow from a tough as nails Army Lieutenant Colonel that served in Korea and Vietnam to a man that got teary eyed while watching a great-granddaughter play.

    He was devoted to the Boy Scouts of America and often answered when asked how he was with a “mentally awake and morally straight.”

    The Mormon Battalion would not be the same without the years of Grandpy’s dedication. Many a young man has gone out on the Mormon Battalion trail and received the patch he designed and even a special award upon their Eagle award from his hands. Family will always remember the Christmas nights sitting around the bond fire (while freezing) on the trail.

    But most of all was is undying love of our family. If it was possible Grampy was at graduations, weddings, baptisms, or mission farewells (even though he didn’t fly) to show his love and support of each of us.

    We will miss him greatly and morn for ourselves, but we know that he has finished his mission on earth and has been reunited with his eternal companion. I am grateful for my knowledge of Jesus Christ, His resurrection, and that families are forever. I will see my grandpy again.

  • Shawneen Liljenquist

    I couldn’t let this day slip by without added my tribute to the many shared today on behalf of a man that was always larger than life in my eyes. My Grandpy Lloyd D. Smith passed away a few days ago. I already miss him SO much, but am so grateful to know he is back in his childhood sweet hearts arms. I love to imagine what a happy reunion that was!

    When I was three years old I had the opportunity to live with them for a summer, some of my earliest memories are from this time. I remember following my Grandpy as he was tossing manure, fertilizing his plants. He didn’t know I was right behind him, and when he turned around he laughed out loud because I was covered in manure. He ended up having to hose me down before I was allowed in the house.
    He would push me on the swing and I would love it, even though I would end up with a butt full of splinters. Whenever I would cry, he would sing “Cry Baby titty mouse, laid an egg in my house!” Which I didn’t appreciate at the time, but now sing to my own kids. At night my granny would rock me to sleep, and I would whisper to her, “Say, Grandpy my babies sleeping.” She would, and then I would “wake up” and they would laugh at me like I was The funniest thing.
    He always made me feel loved, but he was never afraid to speak his mind. I will miss that! When he wasn’t wearing his cowboy hat, I loved running my hands over his buzz cut. It was always so soft.
    So many people have been influenced by him, especially from his work with the Boy Scouts and in the mormon battalion.
    Grandpy had so many stories, and I’m so glad he wrote them down. I use them all the time when teaching my children and in church lessons and talks. His book is one of my prized possessions.
    Every time I watch a John Wayne movie I know I will think of him. He was a man’s man and a wonderful example! He was always dedicated to the gospel and to his family and I look forward to seeing him again and hearing all his great one liners! Love you Grandpy❤

    Pictures: getting ready to drive up to Alaska to pick up my mom and Dana. All three of us slept in the bed of the truck under the stars!,
    Getting a butt full of splinters on the swing in Oakley ID.,
    Pulling Grandpy out of the audience during a choir concert and serenading him with Santa Baby!

  • Dana Smith Griggs

    My sweet Grandpy passed away. He is loved by so many still here, and we miss him dearly, but I know he is so happy to be with my Granny again. They were together since grade school and she has been gone for the last 13 years. What a wonderful reunion for them.
    My Grandpy was a tough military man(John Wayne type) who always had great one liners. Like if you asked how he was, he would usually say “meaner than hell” or “mentally awake and morally straight” he had lots! I will miss those. At the same time he was a big softy who loved his family and often had tears in his eyes. He especially loved his grandkids and great grandkids. He was at the hospital in Omaha when I gave birth to Lexi, my first, right after my Granny had died. He wept happy tears holding her, knowing she was just with her. When my twins were in the NICU for weeks, he would often come by and say the same thing about them just being with his sweetheart in heaven.
    He loved my granny and babies.
    Grandpy grew up in Oakley Idaho where he met my Granny in grade school and loved her from then on. He served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. They lived all over the world and served in the Korean and Vietnam wars where he had some amazing spiritual experiences. He was a High School math teacher after he retired from his career in the Military.
    He loved The Boy Scouts of America and even designed the Mormon Battalion patch. He spent a lot of time out on that trail and giving out Eagle Scout awards. He also served a mission with my granny at Cove Fort. I really could go on and on. He did so much! He had some amazing stories and life experiences that he wrote in a book that we luckily have and I’m so grateful for that. After my granny died he married Larrainne Fuller and she has been a sweet and wonderful companion for him for the past almost 12 years.
    I grew up with him always close by, so my memories with him are plentiful. One of my favorites is when I was around 6 and him and Gran picked me and my sister up from Alaska where we had been visiting my other grandparents. We had a wonderful ride back to AZ singing Disney songs to them and stopping at the hot springs and different places along the way! We would climb from the back seat into the padded shelled bed of his silver pick up truck while he drove and he had even padded the little window that we would be crawling through! I will forever treasure time spent with him and his wet kisses.
    I’m so grateful for my knowledge of the gospel. To know that I will be with him again makes all of this easier. I will miss him.
    Dana Griggs

  • I’m lucky to be called a granddaughter to Grandpy. We are so blessed to have a patriarch such as him in our lives. When I was seven, we lived with Grandpy and granny for a month while my parents home was finishing being built and I still remember the rooms, the clean aroma and of course, Grandpy’s office. He was always working on something, whether it was with the Boy Scouts or fulfilling his church callings. He loved serving others and I’m thankful to have that example in my life. Along with his many obligations, he loved the Mormon Battalion and I’m lucky to have been able to accompany him and Granny a couple times and see him all dressed up addressing others. He loved his family so dearly and even til the end teared up seeing his great grandchildren. I’ll never forget crawling up on his lap while he sat in his recliner, catching the smell of his freshly pressed button up shirt and returning the smile he always gave. I’m grateful to have gotten this time here on earth with him, he has shaped my life in so many ways. It’s been a sad few days, but this feeling is only temporary and I know I will be reunited with my sweet Grandpy and Granny again.

  • Lloyd D was my wonderful older cousin; how I loved it when he visited my folks, Dave and Teressa Hendry, in Boise. He was kind, gentle and not above having fun with a small child. He was 13 years my senior, which, in my eyes, made him a grown-up, although he was just a young man himself. My parents had a machine on which we could make records; Lloyd was visiting and we decided to make our version of an episode of the radio program The Shadow. Lloyd played The Shadow and part of his role was to be the siren of an approaching police car. He got a great start but then couldn’t seem to stop…the siren became higher pitched and more shrill as the seconds passed. Finally, he burst out laughing, as did we all, and we roared until we wept. Some years ago, I had those records put on tape. I must see about getting the tapes transferred to CDs; they hold so many memories of our family, including Lloyd D.

  • Uncle Lloyd was so much fun. I went to Yellowstone with Grampa and Gramma Smith and his family twice. I will never forget his “Boy Scout” pancakes, burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. He was so unhappy that we wouldn’t eat them. He was a big tease and always had someone going. One Thanksgiving we had traveled down to Oakley to have Thanksgiving with them and Grampa & Gramma. He was teasing my sister Robin and she told my then two year old Rick to bite him on the leg which he did. The funny part was that he latched on and wouldn’t let go. Uncle Lloyd was dancing around the room on one foot yelling get him off! That was hard to do because we were all laughing so hard. In the end he was laughing the hardest. He always liked Rick. Love to all the family sorry Lloyd and Lorraine’s address is all the contact info we have.

  • I remember Uncle Lloyd mostly from visits to my grandparents. He was always teasing someone and had a great laugh. I have fond memories of going camping at Yellowstone except that he kept throwing the fish I caught back because, he said, they were too small. Only when we reached shore did we discover most would have been fine. He’d been measuring them against his and grandpa’s feet . . which were over the length necessary!!! I still loved him! I wish my kids had gotten to know him .

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