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Bryn Roy Johnson

12/07/1956 - 01/09/2021
Service Date: 01/16/2021
Service Time: 10:00 AM
Service Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- 1852 N. Stapley Drive, Mesa, Arizona

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Bryn Johnson, 64, of Mesa, Arizona passed away on January 9th, 2021 with the love and purpose of his life by his side. Bryn was born on December 7th, 1956 to Fred and Marjorie Johnson. At the young age of 14, he met and instantly fell in love with LeeAnn West. They have been together ever since. After they were married on March 4th, 1975, Bryn attended Brigham Young University on a gymnastics scholarship. After completing law school, Bryn and LeeAnn returned to Mesa where they raised 10 children together.

Bryn led a life defined by humility, compassion and service. Every decision he made and every dollar he spent was designed to benefit the lives of those around him. His greatest happiness came from spending time with his sweetheart LeeAnn and coordinating massively fun campouts for his children, the youth from church, and later, his grandchildren. Bryn was a skilled and compassionate attorney and has blessed the lives of many through his work. He was a master teacher and a captivating story teller. Bryn preserved his memories and experiences by writing beautiful stories that he often shared with those who had influenced his life. His writings are treasured by his family. One cannot think of Bryn without remembering his sense of humor, his infectious laugh, his generous heart, his love for his wife and family and his devotion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was serving, loving and thinking of others until the very end.

Bryn is survived by his eternal companion, LeeAnn and by his 10 children: Jaime (Andy), Jeremy (Cody), Julianne (Scott), Jenny (Paul), Joshua (Emily), Jakob, Jedidiah (Melanie), Jadon (Heather), Jaren (Alexa), and Justin (Colleen). He is also survived by 31 grandchildren and siblings Mckay, Lee, EJ, Jared, Webb, Jeanie, Teri, Scott, and Ron.


  • So sorry for your loss.

  • I have many great experiences with the Johnson family. Our thoughts are with all of you as you celebrate the life, love, and conpnionship of Bryn. He was a good influence on me. We love you all and cherish these memories.

  • Good memories of Bryn. He always greeted me with a smile and a hand shake. He will be missed. I love his example of being Christ like.

  • Uncle Lee and Aunt Dianne

    We are so saddened by the untimely passing of our dear nephew Bryn. He was always a bright spot in the extended Johnson family. He was a great example to our sons of how hard work and determination and sacrifice brings success in life and gives one the ability to love and serve generously. Our love and prayers go out to LeeAnn in her great loss and to all family as well.

  • Jed.. keep telling his stories.. hugs my friend

  • Bryn always had a smile and was willing to serve. We love him and his family so much. Hugs and prayers from the Jones Family

  • I have many memories of your Dad gathering the family and making everyone laugh about something. He always wanted to cheer everyone up and make sure they were happy. So sorry for your families loss and your sweet Mom!

  • I am in total disbelief. Bryn was a wonderful person. I loved his stories, his firm handshake and his ability to treat you with unconditional love. He always made himself available for whatever you needed. I will always look up to him and miss him dearly. May the lord bless you LeAnn and family. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • So sorry for your loss. Bryn was very helpful in my time of need. He will be missed.

  • Prefer not to say

    I took care of Mr Johnson several nights while he was in the hospital. One night as he was beginning to decline I sat with him and comforted him. He was very sweet and appreciative and I am very sorry for your loss.

  • My children loved his stories and life lessons that he shared as their primary teacher, and they would come home and tell us. I knew they loved him and I always knew he loved his wife. My children could tell how deeply in love they are and I deeply admire how connected they are. So grateful for his dedication to church and family and his playful nature. He will be sorely missed.

  • A great example of patience. Caring nature and a heart of gold for his family and his friends. A good example that has been a light . You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.

  • Spencer and Becky Price

    Spencer had the opportunity to know him at a young age and seeing him at his house hanging out with his older brothers Stephen and Eric because Bryn was in gymnastics with Stephen. Then later moving into the same ward and working with him in the teachers quorum. Spencer could see all the love he had for all the young men he mentored and often worried about them. He appreciates all the time they spent together especially on the many camp outs and listening to Bryns great stories. We have seen how much he loves his family and Leeann. He also had a great love for the Gospel. We will miss him greatly and he will always be a part of our memories. Prayers for all the family.

  • Aaron and Melissa West

    I just wanted to say I remember bryn after dinner with out saying a word got up and washed all the dishes for his wife LeAnn I will always remember that! What a great guy he taught me that always help your wife with everthing

  • Ann-Marie Howard

    My deepest condolences to the Johnson family. My family has been blessed by Bryn & LeeAnn in priceless ways. They were the epitome of true sweethearts & I’m so grateful for their example of an eternal marriage. My love and prayers are yours.

  • John & Mila Linton

    Our love thoughts and prayers have been with your entire family! The Linton family loves the Johnson family. Your Dad was so kind, loving & loyal. He will be missed!
    Love, John & Mila

  • David & Shyrl Sevey

    Our deepest condolences to your family. Bryn was larger than life, always kind and thoughtful of others. He will be greatly missed and always remembered. Hugs to LeeAnn.

  • My late husband Bruce loved and admired Bryn. My daughter Becky and her hubby Scott are close friends with Josh. His passing was a shock. I’m so sorry. Bruce was just that same age when he passed away of cancer it has been over 10 years now. So I send my love to you Leanne and all your family. Your children and grandchildren will continue to fill your life with happiness and joy.

  • I remember the Johnson family very well, my last name was Williams at the time. I was lucky to be in their Ward for 3 years & watch their kids grow. It’s been 11 & a half years since we went to church together but I still remember talking with him & laughing. I would joke about his hair loss & how LeeAnn got to hair blessing in the relationship. Lol. He was a good person. Firm handshake, looked you in the eyes & you knew he was sincere. He always
    seemed to be proud of his kids. LeeAnn you are loved. Prayers for the Johnson family.

  • Jeany Macdonald Vitters

    Bryn made our years at Kino Jr. High and Westwood High even better. He was a good, kind friend and served well at a very early age in our Mesa 6th Ward bishopric. The Johnson family and the West family were so loved and respected. Hugs to LeeAnn and both families!

  • I will forever treasure the poems and stories Bryn and I exchanged to each other over the years since I was 11 years old. I will miss Sunday visits and ice cream with him while we laugh about our inside jokes, and I listen to his sharp memory of stories from his lifetime. I love the Johnson family and have been blessed for Bryn and Lan to have been a support throughout my life.

  • Bertie and Alvin Trone

    We were so sad to hear of Bryn’s passing. He was such a great influence on our Children. He was always willing to serve in whatever calling he was asked to do. We and our children have a great love for the Johnson and West families living with them in the Mesa 6th ward. It was such a blessing to have them in our life. Love and Prayers for all of you.

  • Tiffany Montague Kjar

    We are so saddened to hear of Bryn’s passing. I’ve missed your family as ward boundaries change. It can seem that blocks are miles. I especially appreciate the example of Bryn and LeeAnn as I have grown to adulthood. I remember especially when I got sick, my Dad suggested that I contact Bryn who listened to my concerns, empathized, and then made some suggestions on finding a doctor who would be a better fit.
    I have fond memories of our Pioneer Trek experience which would not have been the same without Bryn there. I know how much he loves his family and his friends. I’m glad that we have so many good memories to carry on as we follow his example.

  • Vachelle A Johnson

    Ashleigh and I love Bryn and LeeAnn! He will be sorely missed. The kindness and love always shown to us has been immeasurable. You opened your home for our open house. You even drove all the way to Utah for Ashleigh’s first birthday! That was such a welcome shock! So many good memories. We love you LeeAnn are are only a phone call away whenever you need us! Bryn we will miss your kind smiles and love. We will see you again! All our love and prayers for the entire Johnson family!

  • I grew up down the road from the Johnson’s and spent many of my younger years around them. While we have drifted apart over the years as life tends to do I’ve never forgotten the kindness they showed me. Bryn would drive Jadon and myself to boy scouts and tell us corny jokes and stores. He always found time to join us on camping trips and made sure everyone had everything they needed. One of the most genuinely kind-hearted peeson I’ve ever come across.
    My most sincere condolences to you all.

  • Sam and Venita Lindsey

    LeeAnn and family, we are so sorry for your loss. Bryn was part of our family when we lived in the 6th Ward. I worked with him in the Young Mens program and know how great he was with the youth. He was our home teacher when our son was killed at our home on 7th street. I was on my way to Texas when notified. Bren stepped in and helped Venita make it through it. I will be forever grateful for his help. We feel like we have lost a loved one. We offer our prayers for your family.

  • It was a shock to hear about Bryn’s passing! My thoughts have gone over so many memories of him, and most of them include LeeAnn. Growing up with Bryn & LeeAnn is one of my good memories, All of the Roberts siblings have great memories of Bryn. He was in the lives of all 10 of us and influenced us in positive ways. LeeAnn, my prayers have been for you and the loss you feel after 50 years with Bryn. I pray that you will fell his influence in your daily life. There was no doubt of his love for you and your family. He will be missed by so many!
    The memory of riding to Westwood with you two so he could drive his truck with a just permit, is one of the fun memories. But I didn’t enjoy the day it was raining so hard and I got to be the windshield wiper on the passenger side. when we got to Westwood, the parking lot was a lake and school was canceled. That meant I got to be the windshield wiper on the ride home, too. LeeAnn stayed dry, but Bryn & I were soaked!
    Thank you, Bryn, for your example, your genuine love for others, and your willingness to listen, and your love of the gospel. You always seemed bigger than life.

  • Kathy Mills babb

    Dear Leeann , I’m so sorry for your loss .I just can’t imagine. I think about you guys everyday and have you in my prayers. love you. Kathy

  • Bryn is a one of a kind guy. Bryn and Leeann shared their love with our children. Bryn is such a good storyteller and has a great sense of humor. Bryn always took the time to help whoever he could. He noticed the ones who needed help and he helped them. Im sure where he is now hes looking for who he can help. We just pray now for all of heavens blessings to pour down upon Leeann and her family. We❤you

  • Jovita Rodriguez

    Our deepest sympathy, for your family, during this time of loss and sorrow . May you find strength in our heavenly father’s love.

  • Cindy & Ward Eaton

    LeeAnn, our love and prayers are with you and your dear family….

  • Reylene (Huber) Luke and Rebecca (Huber) Billingsley

    We have been praying for the Johnson family! What a wonderful funeral. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing from all ten kids and learning so many things about Bryn! Our inspiring favorites: This is the best day of my life! I was never scared when I was with Dad. Dad was a masterful teacher, a Christ-like example, and a best friend. Dad always put others first, loved my Mom, and was physic. Now we finally have one good grandpa! What loving memories and wonderful inspiration to lead a better life. Thanks for sharing. Much love to your family!

  • Bob and Sandra West

    The funeral service was such a beautiful tribute to Bryn. He was everything his kids said and more! Bryn made everyone feel like they were his favorite. That was his amazing gift. How we will miss him! We have known and loved him for so many years it’s hard to believe he won’t be there by your side as usual. We love you!

  • Bryn has been my friend for many years. I’m an attorney and Bryn and I worked on several cases together, probably a dozen or so. Not only was Bryn terrific to work with, but he was a close friend and very competent lawyer. I will miss him.

  • In the sky we have celestial bodies that give us light for guidance and warmth for comfort. Fortunately, these wonderful blessings to us are not only in remote locations. Some dwell here among us on Earth. They shine, showing us the way and give us warmth contributing to our joy and happiness. Bryn Roy Johnson is one of these. Together with LeeAnn, his perfect companion, Bryn has blessed countless lives making our world a sweeter place to live.

    It seems my wife Gay and I have loved Bryn and LeeAnn forever. Indeed, I have known Bryn for all of his life and he and Gay were neighbors for many years. Bryn and LeeAnn are two of our dearest friends. Getting together with them always provided moments of great pleasure as we shared our joys and challenges.

    In 1975 we moved to Provo with no job and no place to live. We arrived at 5:00 a.m. and proceeded straight to Bryn and LeeAnn’s house. We knocked on the door and despite the ridiculously early hour and without any previous arrangements, they welcomed us into their home and even seemed happy to see us. They let us stay with them for a few days while we looked for a place to rent. We cherish the memories of those months we all spent in Provo as Bryn studied for his law degree.

    After graduation we all resumed life here in Arizona. We watched with pleasure and great admiration as Bryn and LeeAnn raised such a marvelous family. Bryn was always busy with work church and family, yet he made time to help us and our two boys out in many ways and to give lots of free legal advice and services. We always respected his wisdom and we benefited from his thoughts and suggestions on a wide range of topics. The laughter that his unique sense of humor blessed and helped us through difficult times. We are grateful for these things, but more that this we are grateful for the wonderful love he and LeeAnn have always shared with us. Bryn, we love you forever.
    Uncle Bruce and Aunt Gay

  • Dear LeeAnn: So sorry to learn of the passing of Brynn. It is not easy. and you will miss him. Stan has been gone 30 years and I still miss him, but some how life goes on and it can be good. Family, lots of friends and gospel have helped me. One thing I know Stan will be happy to see him. Can’t you imagine the fun those two will have together. Life is good and you can do it. You all be watched over. Love Jean Porter

  • I practiced law with Bryn for a number of years/in the 1990s when he was with our small plaintiffs’ firm of Roush McCracken & Guerrero. He was very compassionate about helping .the cli,ents we had, all of whom had experienced some unfortunate situation.

    I echo many of the comments others have already posted about Bryn’’s personality. He cared deeply for others in need. He was great to be around. We tried a case together in Globe. Two week trial, and we shared a guesthouse of someone Chuck Roush knew up there. I have great memories of our time together at that time.

    LeeAnn: my heart goes out to you for the loss of the love of your life.


  • Lindsay Allen Silsby

    I was so sorry to hear about Bryn’s passing. Such good memories of him being so funny and kind when we would hop over the road to play as kids and then as we moved on to high school, he was one of the cool dads! I am so very sorry for your loss and hope that you all find peace in this really hard time. Lots of love-Lindsay

  • I just learned of Bryn’s passing and saddened doesn’t beging to describe my feelings. Bryn was a large influence in my life, we were in gymnastics together at Westwood and he provided me with great memories that have lasted me a lifetime. We stayed in contact occasionally over the years. When we would get together he always reminded me of how he met LeeAnn and I am so happy to be a part of that story.

    LeeAnn and the Johnson family, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Raylene Anderson

    Dearest Leeann,
    I just learned tonight of the passing of Bryn and am
    so very sorry!! He was such a good man, in every way, and you two have such a beautiful, loving relationship and posterity! Bryn will live on in your children and grandchildren and will be watching over you! May the Lord’s choicest blessings be with you at this most difficult time. Love and prayers are being sent to you from Utah! Once again, so very sorry for your incredible loss!🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • I just heard and I am so sorry. Bryn was my absolutely favorite Y.M.’s leader. He knew just when to let us goof off and when to corral us back in. I would see him at the gym and he always had a funny memory or experience to share. To me at 16 he was a great example of what a husband and father should be. So very sorry for your loss.

  • We met you at the Mesa Temple Visitors Center yesterday and also your handsome son. As you shared your love for your dear husband and family we felt the sweetness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your light that shines for all to see.

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