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Aysia Nichole Gilliam

07/26/2001 - 06/07/2024

In Loving Memory of Aysia Nichole Gilliam:

Aysia Nichole Gilliam went to her final resting place on Friday, June 7th, 2024. Aysia will be greatly missed by her family and friends and remembered for her charismatic personality and unique sense of humor. Aysia attended elementary and middle school in Dodge City, Kansas, and attended high school and graduated from Highland High School, in Gilbert, AZ in 2020. Aysia is survived by her parents, Lori (Reynolds) Gilliam, Dodge City, KS and Troy F. Gilliam, Little Rock, AR; sisters, Alyssa (Jayme) Humphrey, Dodge City, KS, and Aspen Gilliam, Scottsdale, AZ; niece, Aria Humphrey, Dodge City, KS; nephews, Griffin and Odin Humphrey, Dodge City, KS; maternal grandmother, Dorotha Reynolds “Nana,” Dodge City, KS; paternal grandparents, Fred and Dorothy Gilliam, Shreveport, LA; aunt, Stephanie Reynolds, Phoenix, AZ; uncles, Scott (Carrie) Reynolds, and Jerrod Gilliam, Shreveport, LA; cousin, Logan Reynolds, Enid, OK. She was preceded in death by her maternal grandfather, Larry Reynolds “Papa,” Dodge City, KS; paternal great-grandmother, Dorothy (Reynolds) Allen, Dodge City, KS; maternal great-grandmother, Elizabeth West, Scott City, KS; and numerous other family members.


  • i love you so much Aysia. i’m so happy that you’re at peace now but i have so many questions for you. you’re the queen of asking things at the wrong time lol so i know you would get me… i found your cow painting that you painted at my house. i love you so much im sorry for not inviting you to my birthday. i didn’t want to make you anxious like when i invited you to my sons birthday 😭 it was a tough decision . i love you baby.

  • i have so much to say to you dude. i took a notebook from your bookshelf. i’ll be writing to you in it. there was a photo of you in there. i love you so much. i wish you messaged me..

  • Aysia, I’m so sorry this insane world didn’t always show you it’s good side but we are grateful that it allowed your beauty and energy to cross paths with us when it did. You brought a brightness to our home every time you were here. This world was better with you in it. You were and are worth life and living and we will miss you Aysia. I’m sorry this world didn’t show you more of the love and joy you were meant to experience. Your unique soul is definitely in another place and I hope that wherever that is brings you all the love and positivity you deserved in the cruel world. We will miss you Aysia.
    RIP Astral Ays ✨

  • Arianna Korbe

    All though I didn’t know you long it feels as if I’ve known you my whole life. I have so much to say yet nothing at all. I’m broken that you felt you didn’t deserve a place here in this cruel world but really this place didn’t deserve you. Im beyond blessed and grateful that our paths crossed. At times im not sure if it was you that needed me or that really, I needed you. You are light in the darkness my sweet girl. I wish we had one more moment together. I’d remind you how beautiful of a person you are and that you’re so worthy of all things. I’d look into your eyes and tell you that you’re never going to be alone, that I’m proud of you even if it means you only made it out of bed that day. I understood your soul sister. I will always wish I could have done more. Thank you for letting me show you unconditional love and loving me unconditionally. With you went so much of me. Spread those wings angel and fly into the stars.

  • Amy Soberanes

    Aysia, I have so much to say and I’m unsure of how to say it. We went through so much together, and you were always so strong. You knew things I couldn’t tell anyone else and you did the best to ease my suffering, because that’s who you were. I’m frustrated that the world lost such a genuine beautiful person, and at the same time, I’m glad you’re no longer struggling.
    Cuídate Aysia, te quiero

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