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Grief Help and Funeral Planning Information

Honoring Catholic Funeral and Burial Traditions

Catholic funerals are steeped in tradition and ritual. This is no surprise, considering there are hundreds of years of tradition and ceremony to build upon. Catholic funeral services are a way to honor and respect the dead, saying goodbye to them and entrusting them in God’s hands. There are a lot of specifics and planning […]

A Guide to Funerals and Memorial Services Honoring the Nonreligious

Not everyone has a religious affiliation. In fact, around 23 percent of people in the United States currently define themselves as nonreligious. Some names used to define someone with a nonreligious outlook include: Humanist Atheist Freethinker Secularist No matter what name you use, when a nonreligious person passes away, loved ones still need to grieve […]

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